What Are the 4 Types of Eating Habit?

What are the 4 types of eating habit?

This type of eater wants to try everything that is out there. They may be knowledgeable about nutrition and have an all-or-nothing approach to eating with rigid rules they set themselves. These types of rules can lead to weight gain and yo-yo dieting. Tips to Manage: Focus on being flexible with your food rules and avoid fad diets, fasts, cleanses and pills. Instead, focus on sustainable healthy eating practices that are backed up by research.

This is the person who sees food and eats it – whether it’s the box of donuts in the break room at work, chips on the counter at home or the leftovers on their child’s plate. This can result in overeating and weight gain because they aren’t listening to hunger cues and are consuming food simply because it is there. Tips to Manage: Focus on being mindful of what you are eating and eliminate distractions during meals. Savour each bite and try to eat slowly, chewing well and pausing between each mouthful.



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