4 Types of Eating Habits

Eating habits are a complex combination of learned behaviors regarding etiquette, meal and snack patterns, foods eaten, food combinations, portion sizes, and eating rituals. These habits vary across cultures and social settings due to various cultural, environmental, economic, and religious factors. Despite the variety of eating habits, people tend to fit into one of six types of eaters:

Fuel Eating

People who eat according to their hunger scale (eating until they feel satiated) fall under this category. Fuel eating focuses on consuming healthy, nutritious foods to keep you feeling full and energized throughout the day.

Fun or Joy Eating

Fun or joy eating is a way of eating that involves enjoying consuming foods that give you pleasure. This type of eating includes celebratory foods, comfort foods, and foods that may lack in nutritional value but can boost your mood and provide you with pleasure.

Fog Eating

When a person eats by the fog, they do not pay attention to the foods they are eating or why they are eating them. This style of eating can lead to overeating and binge eating. It is also a common cause of eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia.

Habitual Eating

Habitual eaters stick to a schedule of eating the same foods on a daily basis. For example, they may see a plate of doughnuts in the break room at work or drive through their favorite fast-food joint at lunch every day. This type of eating can lead to obesity and heart disease.

Sensual Eating

People who are sensual eaters truly enjoy eating. They may even say they love food. Food is their source of pleasure and they often eat it until they are full. This can be a sign of an emotional eater who turns to food for comfort or stress.

Regardless of what eating pattern you belong to, it is important to eat more mindfully. This means putting down your fork between bites, taking time to savour each bite, and eating with a friend or family member instead of alone. It also means not eating in front of a television or computer screen and paying attention to your body’s signals for when you are hungry and full. By practicing mindful eating, you can begin to change your unhealthy habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. In the end, it is all about finding what works best for you and your health journey. Good luck!



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