Eating Disorder Recovery Begins In Your Mind

by nina on February 10, 2014

eating disorder recovery mindRecovering from an eating disorder leads us to follow many different paths. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to recover, but one crucial element is your mindset – and setting it to the same frequency as recovery.


What this means is that recovery begins in your mind. You first must see it and believe it – before you manifest it into physical reality. The good news is that ANYONE can learn to do this – and thus, anyone can recover!


This latest video explains the process of creating your ideal vision – the exact method by which you visualize your recovery and transform your mind so that you have full faith in the process and see it with such vivid detail and emotion that you bring it into your physical reality faster than you ever thought possible!



ating disorder recovery storyI just love hearing stories of full recovery from people on this site – and I want to share as many with you as possible. I want you to see for yourself that complete recovery IS possible – for you, me and so many others who are suffering right now.

Here is the story of one brave lady who is now completely free!

Recovery Story – I am Finally Free

Hi Nina,

I just wanted to write a thank you letter to you, because after a long struggle, I am finally free. [click to continue…]

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