How Many Types of Eating Do We Need to Know About?

We’re all aware of the main eating disorders – anorexia and bulimia – but how many other types of eating do we need to know about? Eating disorders are complex mental health issues that affect the relationship someone has with food, their weight or appearance. They can be difficult to diagnose and they can develop over time if a person doesn’t receive treatment.

There are 4 main types of eating: Fuel, Fun, Storm and Fog eaters.

Those who fuel eat foods that are nourishing for their body, such as lean meat, vegetables and healthy fats. They also have a healthier approach to eating, and are more likely to exercise regularly. They might enjoy a fun meal with friends and family but don’t necessarily want to lose weight.

Those who fog eat aren’t aware that they are eating and may not even realize they’ve eaten until they can’t stop. They might eat when they’re distracted or feeling stressed, and don’t always feel like eating when they’re hungry. This can lead to binge eating, which is when a person eats too much in one sitting, usually for a reason that’s not based on hunger. They might also wind up in a storm eater situation, when they’re so overwhelmed by emotions that they can’t stop eating.



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