You Have the Answers Within You

by nina on February 13, 2013

you have the answers for eating disorder recoveryOne of the biggest lessons that you can learn as you are recovering from an eating disorder, stepping into your true and authentic self, and becoming an intuitive eater is that you actually do possess all of the answers within yourself!

This may scare you, trigger self doubt or seem completely incomprehensible.

For a moment, suspend all disbelief and pretend that you are a wise, completely recovered intuitive eater, and ask yourself the questions that are most pressing and challenging. Take time to open yourself to your inner guidance, you may want to meditate on the question or do some journal writing.

The key is to step into that wiser, bigger version of you that is all knowing and all powerful and to ask the right questions – questions that are empowering and generative – as opposed to shame based questions.

Watch the latest video on the lessons I learned about becoming my own coach, how to frame the right questions and why this is such a powerful exercise to get into in order to propel your recovery and personal growth.

Leave me your comments letting me know if you were able to be your own coach and guide and come up with powerful answers to your most pressing questions…

And don’t worry, I will still keep answering your questions!

The best place to post them is on the Eating Disorder Q&A Page or on my Facebook page so we can all share our questions and inspire each other.

Love and Freedom


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X February 24, 2013 at 9:38 am

This was so helpful. Thank you very much. If it is urgent it’s ego….I will definitely remember this one:)


nina February 26, 2013 at 1:40 pm

That is one of my favorite things to remember when I feel anxious. Sometimes taking no action is the best action to take, and wait until your emotions have settled.



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