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You CAN Stop Emotional Eating – Tips on What to Do Instead

by nina on April 24, 2012

Do you find yourself going straight for the food when things go wrong, you feel anxious, frustrated or simply dealing with life’s challenges?

If so, you probably identify as being an “emotional eater”. In this Q&A Video I address the topic of emotional eating and why you really NEVER have to eat over your emotions again.

Your mind and habits can be retrained – it just takes some trust that other coping skills other than emotional eating are more effective and self loving, and then putting them into action.

The more we practice new behaviors around food, coping with life and letting go of old self sabotaging behavior, the better we get at it and it becomes more automatic – especially when you begin to realize that the food does not actually solve anything – it creates even more problems for you.

So start implementing some of these new tools and leave me a comment about what works for you, whether you experience emotional eating, how you deal with tough times and share your experience with the rest of the community!

We are all here to help another. You can also leave questions about emotional eating issues of your own and the challenges that you face.

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Love & Freedom,


Nina Vucetic

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