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Why I Mention Weight Loss

by nina on February 24, 2011

maintaining weight loss

I understand that it can be triggering to people to hear about numbers and weight loss, I totally get that.

However, one of the basic principles of my strategy is that by letting go of the diets, restriction and “food plans” you can actually reach your ideal weight, no matter what that may be.

The information that I provide on this site is NEVER about weight loss. I don’t BELIEVE in weight loss, diets or even meal plans that are structured.

I believe in intuitive eating and normal eating and I mention my weight loss just to assure you that there is nothing to fear.

This is not a site that is going to teach you to lose weight. It is a site designed to get you back in touch with your body, your natural instincts and REJECT the diet and weight loss mentality.

So I am sorry if I offended anyone by mentioning numbers and my weight loss, but it is something that I will continue to do- because it’s what I wanted to hear when I was recovering and I KNOW that it helps many others to hear this message.

I wanted to know that adopting a “normal eating” approach would lead me to complete freedom as well as to my natural weight.

If this is something that is triggering to you, then perhaps you should not read my blog. However, my intention is to help as many people as possible and the only way I know how to do that was from my own experience. I needed examples of complete recovery, complete freedom and even weight loss or achieving a natural weight. That was the message that I needed and that is what I bring to this site.

If you read through my posts you will never find me talking about how to lose weight or any tips or tricks for faster weight loss. Just that it IS possible to lose excess weight and live with freedom from obsession and compulsion through intuitive eating.

Nina Vucetic

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Paula Capocchi January 4, 2012 at 4:47 am

HI Nina,
Great site. I appreciate that you are sensitive to those of us who are wanting to not focus on weight loss.

Just an opinion here for others who may appreciate how some of us have recovery from an ED.

If you have heard of Health At Every Size, then you know that not everyone is meant to be thin or lose weight even if they are eating intuitively. Their body is not set up that way. To mention weight loss in at all for them is really a slippery slope back to obsession.

Who is to say what a normal weight is? As we age our metabolism changes too, and to stay a certain weight gets harder unless we get controlling again. Also, our lives, how we live, what our bodies have gone through reflect our particular size etc. I say this for anyone who is reading this who is really wanting to be free from the obsession, To completely be free we must take the words “weight loss” out of our vocabulary. If our bodies decide to lose or gain by our intutive eating, that is our bodies business. The more we mess with that, as we know the worse it gets. Yes, it seems impossible, but we can shoot for it. Why even have it be an issue at all anymore? Weight and body size flucuates for many reasons. There is no need to weigh or worry about it ever again. Again, learn about Health at Every Size to see what I am talking about if anyone reading this is interested.

Thanks Nina for your great work and congratulations on your recovery!!!!!!!



Lucy February 25, 2011 at 4:07 pm

Hi Nina,
Thanks to your blog I’m slowly starting to see that recovery (for me) is about letting go of food rules, calorie counting and dieting. I don’t need to loose weight, nor do I need to gain. My problem is that I’m terrified of ‘letting go’ of food rules and losing control. Your website is helping me to deal with that fear, especially reading how your weight sorted itself out. Weight loss/gain/maintenance should be seen as a ‘side effect’ of ED recovery.
You’re doing an awesome job.


nina March 1, 2011 at 12:07 am

Thanks Lucy!
I know how hard it can be to let go of the rules that have been controlling our lives for so long. But in the end the only way to win is to surrender it.
The more we try to control this disorder, the more frustration, failure and disappointment we get!
Congratulations on confronting your fear. It takes time and patience but it is entirely possible!
Let me know if I can help in any way



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