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Weight Loss and Eating Disorder Recovery

by nina on November 22, 2011

weight loss and eating disorder recoveryAre you trying to recover from an eating disorder but still find yourself focused on weight loss, calorie counting and other behavior to try and control your weight?

I have been there, I totally get it. It is hard to let go of just that one last diet, just getting those last few pounds off… before really committing to full eating disorder recovery.

But speaking from my experience and heart – I can tell you only what I know – and it is that it never works out. That last diet, cleanse, fast and focus on weight loss will always inevitably lead to a binge, overeating episode, frustration, self hatred and a loss in motivation to recover.

Today it is Q+A Tuesday and the topic and Video is about Weight Loss and Eating Disorder Recovery.

Find out why diets will never work, what to do instead and how to build a solid foundation for FULL recovery and trust me – your body will recalibrate, get back to a natural weight on its own – the more you let go and leave it alone!

Sometimes we have to LET GO to win…

And I KNOW that all of you reading this CAN WIN.

If I could do it and maintain it for 6 years, why can’t you?

Stay in the solution, take overwhelming positive action and if you want my full strategy on how I recovered and got to a place of:

  • NEVER worrying about my weight (I do not even own scales anymore)
  • Waking up thinking about work, life and important activities
  • Eating exactly what I feel like, when I feel like it
  • NEVER having guilt about what I ate
  • Being at a normal weight for years and LOVING my body

Get Recover From Eating Disorders at the discounted price that goes up in 8 days…

To Your Total Freedom and Recovery,


Nina Vucetic

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