Are You Afraid of Weight Gain with Intuitive Eating?

Do You Have a Fear of Weight Gain with Intuitive Eating?

I have been getting a lot of questions recently about intuitive eating. In particular, people have tried it for a week or two and become terrified when they don’t lose any weight or even worse – GAIN weight.

It is important to understand that intuitive eating has NOTHING to do with weight loss, dieting, restricting or achieving an end goal of an “X” weight. That is what diets are, and intuitive eating is the antithesis of the dieting mentality.

If you go into intuitive eating with a specific goal to lose weight – it will never work. That is the unfortunate truth.

Intuitive eating is about surrendering all of the deeply ingrained thoughts about diets, meal plans, restriction and trying to lose weight.

Intuitive eating is about reconnecting with your body, learning to hear your internal cues and no longer relyig on externally imposed plans and diets.

The challenge is of course going through the process so that your body and mind can adapt to this new way of eating and thinking about food.

What Intuitive Eating Is Not

Intuitive eating does not mean eating compulsively without any restriction and simply thinking that this is intuitive eating. It means truly working on choosing foods that you like, while working on the underlying issues that cause you to turn to food for comfort. Intuitive eating is not a free for all compulsive overeating permission. Far from it.

If you truly want to become an intuitive eater, here are the first 4 initial steps that are crucial:

The first step in becoming an intuitive eater is this: Admitting complete defeat over diets, restriction and weight loss techniques.

Secondly it requires persistence and dedication. During my process there were many times when I felt I had “overeaten”, felt fat, felt like it wasn’t working and just wanted to go on a 3 day detox to shed some weight.

This is normal, because we are disordered eaters, with a deep fear of food and weight gain, and deeply ingrained beliefs about how to eat, what to eat and how to lose weight.

The third part is that you have to want FREEDOM above all else – and that includes weight loss. Your goal should be complete freedom from the crazy and compulsive thoughts, obsessions and behavior around food. If your goal is simply weight loss… then guess what that is? A diet.

The fourth step is dealing with what it is that has caused you to turn to food for comfort, companionship and to numb your emotions. This is crucial and needs to be dealt with.

I will give you my own personal example: I was completely frustrated with my line of work, my career path, the city that I was living in and I had a lot of work to do on being able to trust and connect with people. Isolation was also a major factor. I did a lot of work on this, while at the same time practicing intuitive eating and getting support.

Think about this carefully and make sure that you are truly ready to become an intuitive eater. You may also need a support group or coaching, because as you are going through this process your disease will tell you everything negative about how it’s not working, how you are gaining weight and how you need to try ONE MORE DIET.

It is completely up to you. You may not be ready. You may be too frightened. You may need extra support through a coach. Or you just plain may not believe it. The only proof I can give you is that it has worked for me and several people that I have personally coached who are now experiencing complete freedom.

To your complete recovery and freedom,


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