Fear of Weight Gain and Intuitive Eating

by nina on April 9, 2013

weight gain and intuitive eatingOne of the biggest fears and most commonly asked questions from you guys is about the fear of weight gain when it comes to intuitive eating.

This is a completely natural and normal reaction!

Remember that you have been dieting, restricting and controlling your food and weight for a long time, so that fear will immediately creep up.

Do not let this fear – which is just the eating disorder voice and is completely false, prevent you from moving forward towards complete recovery.

Check out the latest Q&A Tuesday video about the Fear of Weight Gain and Intuitive Eating.


Leave me a comment and tell me how you deal with this fear, what helps you take the attention off your weight and how this obsession impacts on your ability to recover.

This fear kept me stuck in my eating disorder misery for much longer than it should have. In the end – there was nothing to fear because my body did stabilize, my weight does not change – and most importantly – I do not even think about it. Ever.

Top takeaways on this topic:

  • The weight fluctuation WILL pass
  • The less you focus on the weight, the more freedom you will feel
  • It is completely normal to have this fear – so do NOT give yourself a hard time
  • Allow your body to go through the adjustment process
  • Use the rest of your recovery tools to get you through the anxiety and emotional roller coaster

And BELIEVE that freedom and recovery is possible!

I went through various ups and downs with my eating fear, food challenges, body images issues and figuring out what to actually eat. All of this is detailed in my Recover From Eating Disorders E Book with samples of a 2 week intuitive eating snapshot when I finally did achieve freedom and full recovery.

If I could do it, you certainly can too.

To your complete freedom,

Nina 🙂

Nina Vucetic

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Breeana November 13, 2013 at 6:51 am

Hi Nina,
I have been practicing normal eating for about 2 months. I have not binged, at least I don’t think, for 2 months. Nothing is off limits for me, I eat what I want, and stop when I want. I don’t have any guilt when it comes to food. I don’t have any urges to binge or eat when I’m not hungry, UNLESS I’m thinking about weight. Gaining or losing. The trick to recovery for me was to disconnect food/exercise from weight. I’m still overweight because of all my previous binges. I think that I have been putting on weight since I started intuitive eating. I don’t know for sure because I refuse to ever weigh myself again, but I can feel my clothes getting tighter.

Sometimes I feel really full, but it’s not the same as binging. Am I eating too much? I don’t want to control my eating or tell myself to stop because of my fear of weight gain. I think that my whole eating disorder will come back again. I’m scared that my natural weight is…over weight. Do you think that this is just a fluctuation that I am going through and I will slowly lose the excess pounds that I gained through diets and binging? Or do you think I am the unfortunate soul destined to be one of those fat girls? Either way, I will never go back to dieting and binging. I’ll take being a fat girl who isn’t obsessed with food and weight and lives comfortably, neither stuffed nor starved.

Thanks Nina, you are the reason I am recovered.
God bless you.



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