Treating Eating Disorders – How I Finally Recovered

by nina on November 12, 2010

There is a wealth of information online about treating eating disorders, getting help for an eating disorder and various tools and strategies that people can use. I do not necessarily promote any of them. I believe in the Buddhist saying that there are 84,000 paths to enlightenment. You need to do what works for you. This can be 12 step programs, in patient clinics, therapy or spirituality. I believe that there is value in each of these.

Treating Eating Disorders 101

However, I can tell you my story and what worked for me. It is really very simple, so simple that people often miss the message that I am sending. Please listen carefully as I am very clear and open about this. The way to treat eating disorders and get permanent recovery is to completely let go of all diets and control that you may have around food and your weight. It really is that simple. Let go of dieting, weighing, measuring, calculating and everything else that you use to control the eating disorder.

That is what worked for me and continues to work years later. I strongly believe that I DO NOT have an eating disorder of any form anymore. I NEVER obsess about my weight, I eat exactly what I want and when I want. I never follow a “food plan” or a “diet”. I do not try to be a “healthy eater”. I’m not here to promote “bad” eating habits either, however they may be defined, but I do know this – as soon as I try messing around and controlling my food, the eating disorder CAN and will creep up. It is one thing for people who have never had an eating disorder and are not  predisposed to one to go on a healthy eating regime, but it is quite another issue for people who are battling with or have suffered with this disease.

Treating Eating Disorders – Vigilance

Even though I do call myself RECOVERED, I believe that if I were to ever start messing around with my food or weight again, it could easily happen. I know this because I have tried, and yep – it could easily creep back up if I allow it. But I have NOT and a day at a time, will not allow this kind of thinking and obsession into my life. There have been times where I catch myself in a health food store reading labels. Bad news. I get out of there like the place was on fire. That is a danger zone for me and I know it. Give me my burger and fries please, and you can keep the “healthy option” as well as the obsession and possibly another decade of my life that could be lost to this disease.

So back to treating disorders. What I did was realize that the eating disorder was not my friend and that I could never beat it. I had to let it go. I got to a point where I had NO life anymore. No friends, no relationships, no job, nothing. All I had was this disturbing mental illness. Too scared to kill myself, but if you asked me if I would rather live or die – I would have answered you in 3 seconds flat. Die.

Treating Eating Disorders – Give Up

After trying every different method of recovery and being a loser at them all, I finally just gave up. I could not live this way anymore. I was a dead person in a living, breathing body. I had nothing left inside me. I was so broken that I just gave up. The only thing that I did have left was my imagination. I knew what I wanted to be – a normal eater, someone who did not even think about food, someone who ate what they wanted and then did not think about it again. Someone who had a life.

With this vision in my mind, I knew that the way to be a normal eater was to think and act like one. No more of these ridiculous diets, food plans, extensive meal creating and “healthy eating” research. I wanted to live, not be a slave to the scales and perfectly proportioned food plans.

Today I have treated my eating disorder in the perfect way for me. That vision? It is absolutely, 100% real in my life. I eat what I want, when I want, never weigh myself and never think about a meal once its done. I think about my life, my interests, my career, my boyfriend, my puppy and how I can help someone else achieve this kind of freedom.

Love and freedom to you all

Nina Vucetic

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Chelsea September 23, 2011 at 1:55 pm

You’re quite inspirational, thank you for this site! I have been trying to rid myself of my compulsive overeating for months now and was doing well until this past week. This site really makes me want to just continue with my efforts and continue my life instead of pitying myself for having an episode or two of binge eating after being so good the past couple of months. Thank you.


nina October 11, 2011 at 2:06 pm

Thank you Chelsea!
I have several videos coming up on Compulsive Overeating – something that is not often talked about.

Let go of the shame associated with it – I have been there and so have many others. I understand where you are at and you CAN have full and complete recovery and get on with your life with no thoughts of food, weight loss, dieting and self hatred.

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more on Compulsive Overeating both on this site and at

Love and freedom



admin November 19, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Just finished the new post: What Does Normal Eating Mean to You?

Would love to hear what you think!


helpfored November 18, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Hi Brittany,

Thank you for your comment. This is a great question, something that I was confused about for many years. I will be writing a post tomorrow to address this question


Brittany November 13, 2010 at 1:50 am

What does it mean to be a normal eater? As someone that suffers from an eating disorder I have no idea what it would look like to eat normally. What does it mean for you?


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