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Top 5 Friday Jan 7 2010

by nina on January 7, 2011

Here are some amazing blogs related to New Years’ resolutions, manifesting what you desire in your life, improving body image and clearing karma. Thank you to all the bloggers that add so much positivity and hope to all those who are struggling in their own way to find freedom and happiness.

1. 2010 Nourishing Body Image Award Winners

Great blogs are listed here that are a must read for anyone who is looking for inspiration on changing negative body image beliefs. All of these bloggers add so much value to a weight and body image obsessed world.

Thank you Ashley for creating this wonderful list. And congratulations to all the winners!

2. New Years Resolution – Releasing the Past

New Year, New Opportunities

“With this in mind, I decided to give myself a hopeful New Year’s Resolution: “I release the past. I am FREE to move forward with love in my heart”.

What we think about, we bring about! As humans, we are all on the same exact creative playing field, where all thoughts create equally. When we harness the power within, we will watch the world around us begin to formulate into what we’ve been thinking

3. What Kind of Life Are You Creating for Yourself?

How did you celebrate and honor the coming of the new year? What are your rituals?

4. Instead of Resolving to Lose Weight This Year…

By Jamie Long

2011 has just begun, and many of us are making resolutions to lose weight. But what happens when well meaning self-improvement goals turn into obsessive, disordered behaviors?

Positive New Year’s resolutions are about healthy, realistic, and moderate self-improvement goals. Instead of vowing to never eat sugar again and to exercise two hours every day, how about a goal to love yourself just a tad more, imperfections and all.

5. Clearing karma.

Faith method. Faith, surrender and gratitude, do the magic. Give it up to Goddess, or use the name of whatever Deity or Power you prefer. Memorize this phrase. Just say

“Goddess, please take this from me, it is a gift for You. It’s Yours. Thank you very much.”

Nina Vucetic

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