The Adjustment Period in Eating Disorder Recovery

by nina on March 4, 2013

adjustment period in eating disorder recoveryToday I want to talk to you about the adjustment period that takes place when you are starting to get into recovery, when you’re taking the right actions, when you are letting go of the eating disorder triggers, the eating disorder behavior, when you are really moving into that place of full recovery where we want you to be and where you will get to.

Now, an important point to make about this adjustment period and it has often been referred to as a period of calibration. So you’re recalibrating and I want you guys to know this and to remember this.

I certainly went through this period during the early stages of my eating disorder recovery as well as at other times when there were significant changes in my life.

Think about your own life – there is always an adjustment period when you start a new job, get into a new relationship, move cities or anything else that is quite significant and life changing.

And what you are going through right now is definitely a MASSIVE, life changing process… so be sure to keep that in mind and most of all, do NOT give yourself a hard time for whatever symptoms come up at this time.

This is a time for rest, self love, self acceptance and allowing the process of change to take place and run its natural course.

There is always a period of adjustment with eating disorder recovery and what you need to know about this is, most importantly, is just need to realize that’s what it is.


Accept all the feelings that are coming up.


Take really good care of yourself.


Don’t think of it as failure if for some reason one day you’re just completely exhausted, sad, wanting to cry a lot, feeling a little bit down.


This is all completely normal and is absolutely natural and normal – I would even say you’re making all the right noises that is happening.

It means that you are really changing because remember, this is changing your body, your mind, and your spirit.

There is a lot of change taking place here and you’re moving away from behaviors that you’ve been engaged in for a really long time into something completely new.

You are creating a whole new life, mindset and going through a MAJOR transformation.

So it is absolutely normal and necessary to go through a period of recalibration, of adjustment and to allow yourself to go through that. I just want you to remember to not see this as failure because that is not what it is.

It is simply a period of adjustment and give yourself permission to go through whatever it is that you need to go through during that time.


So let yourself take a day off.

Sleep. Cry.


Allow yourself to stay in bed.

Be in a bad mood.

Be exhilarated and happy!

Be sad and remorseful.

Be enthusiastic.

Be Energetic.

Follow your body’s instincts and ALLOW and ACCEPT whatever is happening.


Do whatever it is that you need to do. It is all OK. Remember that you have been harming your body, your mind and your soul for a really long time.

So now your body is coming out of this trauma and moving into a beautiful new place and let it go through its natural process without interrupting it by thinking, “I’m failing. I need to go back to a diet. I need to keep being busy, busy, busy, keep going with my work or whatever it is I’m doing.”

No. Stop. Take the time to realize that what you are doing is massive. It is beautiful. It is so empowering and you are on the way to success!


Love and Freedom,



Nina Vucetic

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Jennifer March 8, 2013 at 2:08 pm

I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness reading this.


Stefania March 6, 2013 at 9:57 am

Thank you Nina! Sometimes I am amazed by my progress and sometimes I am amazed by my “non progress”, but it’s helpful to remember that it’s all part of a process and IT IS a major change.
Hugs and love,


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