Thank You All and My Response to All of Your Emails

by nina on November 23, 2012

I just want to give you all a BIG thank you and to let you know that I am listening to everything you are saying, with so much gratitude… you are all my inspiration…

I want you all to know that I read and listen to everything you say, my heart brims with joy when I receive your comments, emails, messages and replies…

I am amazed, inspired and in awe of all of you who keep showing up – no matter how tough it is and how much you struggle…

I will reply to as many messages as possible through these posts – so keep them coming!!


Nina, you are my hero. I LOVE your videos and everything you’ve written!!!! I have been working hard at this thing for over a year now, but I kept falling back into the trap of dieting/bingeing. I completed two half ironman’s and a full ironman. The exercise i’ve done in the past year is extreme. I am signed up to do the houston marathon and ironman texas again in may. I am wondering if i shouldn’t do these events and if they are fueling my disorder. Any thoughts?

Thank you for all your hard work!! You are my hero!!!


Erin, I would take it easy on the exercise for now… I find that it is too stressful on our bodies when we are recovering. Especially the types of workouts that you are talking about! I would go for something more gentle, fun and EASY… Go for EASE and peace of mind as your highest priority and then schedule your life around making that happen

Nina 🙂


Hi Nina
What an amazing email! I really admire you courage to write what you feel not only that but you have a way with words and obviously very in-tune with your body and mind. A total inspiration. Thank you for opening your heart and assisting all in need. Your emails mean a great deal because I feel less alone.

Sarah x

Thank you Sarah – it is such a joy to hear that my words and emails reach you and inspire you! You are definitely not alone!

Sending you love

Nina :)))


Oh Nina. Thank you for writing that, it’s one of the many things you write that have really hit home for me. Love ya, xox ((The late night dinner video and post))

– Jensie


Hey Jensie! So glad it was helpful to you! We all go through this sometimes, just remember it is no big deal. Every day we can start over. Every moment we can start over. Keep doing what you are doing!

Nina 🙂

Thank you so much for your Thanksgiving Email and for all the work you
do. You bring a bright shining light into all of our lives.
Thank you for your help and dedication! Have a beautiful day!

Thank you Laura! Your email is what drives me and gives me the strength to keep on doing this!

Have an awesome day and know that you light me up with your message!

Nina x


I am
immensely grateful for the work you do Nina- it makes me believe I can
get through this hell and make it to the light on the other side.

With deep respect,

YES YOU CAN VANESSA! Just keep moving forward, you have found a new path to recovery that WORKS – permanently and gives you complete freedom!

So glad you found the videos and the site

Looking forward to hearing more from you!
Love Nina 🙂

Hi Nina,
You really have been a ray of sunshine for me this week.  I have been a binge eater for years. I did sportsmodelling competitions and competed on stage and thought i was the sh***!!!! eating protein weight training etc etc. but of course after the binging was epic…then laxatives… im sure i dont need to tell you more as we have both been through it all.
the past few years have been up and down, i have lost a bit of weight and to some extent am an intuitive eater, however, my binging was still present. at least 1-2 a f/night. i believe this is because i have been pseudo dieting and over training.
for some reason i have only found you now… perhaps i wasn’t ready before and only now the universe has sent me your way!!!!
some positive steps i have made is that i have severely cut my exercise down. tiredness is a trigger for me..which is caused by over training…. which is caused by over eating.  so ive gone back to basics and i am now letting go of all i know and trusting my body.
do you have any suggestions for work? i work full time in a hospital and most of binges occur there.  do you suggest i pack lunch and snacks? or do i wing for the time being?
thanks so much, you’re amazing.
with love, emma in adelaide australia xxx
Hey Emma! When the student is ready, the teacher appears! I definitely think cutting down on the exercise is a great idea – and try to incorporate more gentle, easy and relaxing exercise – yoga, swimming, dance… nothing too rigorous as this will always cause us to go into that “starvation” mode plus the obsession… i didn’t exercise for the first year other than walking around, some gentle yoga and dance. As for food for work – if you can let your intuition guide you then just roll with it and go for what is there, otherwise you may become obsessed with meal planning. Once a meal is done, its over and just focus on your work and stay passionate!
Thanks Emma and stay in touch!
Love Nina :))

Hi Nina
thanks so much for all you emails, they lift me every time i read them. One step i have taken after watching your video’s is start a cbt course, i am now learning why i do things the way i do and am trying to change the way i think and view things.
It is hard work but every time i hear from you i feel that support that i don’t have from friends or family. I have become such a private person through this illness, only because i feel no one can understand unless they have been through it. believe me when i say you are doing so much good,and for that i pray to God that you get all you want out of life.

 This is brilliant!! Changing your thoughts and the way you perceive things is the key – and you can use whatever strategy works for you! CBT is awesome if it works for you – keep on rocking it! Isolation is a MAJOR RECOVERY killer – I cannot stress this enough. Do whatever you can to get out of isolation – this is where the eating disorder really gets you… fake it at first if you have to – but just keep getting out, doing different things and showing up for life.

Nina 🙂


The video you sent about late night eating was excellent because after all these years i don’t know how to eat normally. please make more of these video’s as you are helping us all so much.
wishing you all the love and success.
Love Leila


THANK YOU LEILA!! You absolutely do know how to eat normally – it is all with you, now we just have to bring it out!

Love Nina 🙂


Nina! You always amaze me with your wonderful emails I woke up feeling so crappy and fat and struggling with my body image and wanting to stay in bed and cry all day  but you have seriously turned my day around now I can’t wait to catch up with my mum and friends, although still feeling a little anxious about meeting up for food and drink .
Your sharing and honesty is truly inspiring and your attitude is so positive this email seriously made me cry!
If you still need ideas for videos and blogs I’m struggling with intuitive eating and the aspect of when to stop I always eat till I’m stuffed and them feel like crap and it’s damaging my kidneys and digestive organs effecting my sleep and emotional well being I don’t know what to do! I’m sure I will get through it and I know I will find a way . Your support is so valuable to me and so many others .

X Steph from  Sydney Australia


This is your mantra:






Love it and you! Thank you for sharing. Keep being you.



Lisa, you are AWESOME beyond words and have had my back for the longest time – LOVE YOU!!


Thank you for sharing your story. I’m currently in recovery from Anorexia, though for a period of 3 years I dabbled with bulimia as well. Last December I went to treatment. I was there for 9 weeks. When I got home I did great. And the first couple of months were pretty easy. No one could have prepared me for how hard the first year in recovery would be. Over the summer, I had gained quite a bit of weight due to medications I was taking. Now I’m struggling to lose the weight without it becoming triggering. And I am going back to restricting. I want to stop this cycle before it gets out of control. I want my life back!



Ashley, the first year is always the toughest and when the biggest changes take place as long as you keep moving forward and don’t look back. The war with the eating disorder is OVER – we are moving into a new way of living now! Focus on the recovery – an internal process – and the rest will take care of itself. trying to lose weigh and restricting will always lead you back to disorder hell. You can have your life back – put your attention on YOUR LIFE – not the food, weight loss diets, etc… whatever you focus on is what you will see more of in your life – so let’s focus on your amazing new life of freedom and recovery!

Nina :))


Hi Nina!
I’m having trouble leaving comments on the video for some reason, but I loved your video.  If love to see more of them!!!



Thank you Alison – more videos coming your way! You probably need to sign up for YouTube or just leave comments on the blog. Thank you for the support!

Love Nina :))


hi Nina I have Just a quick Question . I signed up for the intuitive eating webinar .It said it was currently down ,and to contact the sender .Im just wondering how I can get it .Im thinking that at this point It would be very helpful to me ,If you could somehow help me get that I would really appreciate that .Thanks again for all your supportive emails ,videos ,suggestions ,and all you do to help all of us .Your effort is greatly appreciated and very helpful .bye for now . Natalie .

Natalie, thank you for YOUR support! You can find the webinar replay here —

Enjoy and stay connected!

Nina 🙂


Thank you Nina!!!

It is just SO HARD to find the BALANCE between just eating what you want and over eating and binging! When is it to much?? Please post a video on that sometime. Love watching you, you are a true inspiration…❤ It is just not easy.
Hey Betina! The balance comes with practice, practice, practice, giving up the diets for good, making it a rock solid decision that you are now an intuitive eater and giving yourself permission to not be perfect while you are trying things out for the first time! Enjoy the process, believe in yourself and have faith that you can do this… remember the mantra:
Nina xx
Hi Nina, Im not sure if you can receive these email reply’s…Anyway, I want to thank you for yr website and say that you are really a true inspiration, I stumbled across one of yr videos via You tube, when i was looking for ways to give up binge eating.
I think that yr amazing and You  have really strung a cord with me. Thanku. I know and believe i will get through this! I, like you, wish to give back and help and inspire other woman.
My dream is to start my blog this year and have the courage that you have to speak up and give young woman and all woman everywhere  hope and to never stop dreaming and to love ourselves regardless of our shape, size, weight, colour or whatever, we are all different and we are all beautiful in our own ways, we all have that something unique that makes us special. God bless you Nina… Sending Love from New Zealand … Meg K.
Hi Meg! You can do it – start that blog – you have something to offer right now! be the change that you want to see – start today, wherever you are at and through helping others you will help yourself even more!
Can’t wait to see your new site and to watch your journey into recovery!
Love Nina :)))
Hi Nina,Great email.  I really love the positive message you’re sending out to people who are suffering.  Amazing work you’re doing!Jenn

Thank you Jenn – hearing that the message is reaching you all is what makes this all such a pleasure!
Love Nina :))
Hi there! Just wanted to tell you I love your website. I have an
eating disorder and have been in a terrible cycle for 5 years. I don’t
fit the bill of any disorder really, but include a lot of behaviours
of binging, restricting, over-exercising, diet pills etc. Things have
gotten so bad lately that I am practically suicidal. I have given up
hope of recovery. It is all a big secret and know one knows and I have
never reached out to get professional help. Watching your videos
really helps 🙂 No one understands this hell unless they’ve experience
it. I hope you receive back a million times over all the good you have
done for others. 🙂
Thank you Jess – Do NOT give up – ever!! Never ever ever give up – you are stronger than that and everything you have been through has brought you to this point – so you are much stronger that you imagine and your soul is obviously one of a survivor and a fighter!
Just keep going and do not let anything get in the way of your recovery and freedom!
Love Nina :)))

Nina Vucetic

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