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by nina on September 8, 2012

recover from eating disordersWant to know what others are saying about the new Recover from Eating Disorders E Program?

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Read what others are saying about the new “Recover From Eating Disorders Online Program”!


 ”No compromise honesty…”

I cannot praise Nina, her website and her eating disorder recovery work highly enough.  She has not only successfully left her own battles with food and weight demons way, way behind her, and for good; but she is also 100% dedicated to sharing every last detail of how she managed to do it with as many people as possible.


What I love most about Nina, though, is her absolute, no-compromise honesty.

She is rock-solid hardcore when it comes to telling you just exactly what you must do to recover – and I so admire her for that.  She never falters, never sounds a false note, because she knows exactly what she is talking about.

She really does understand from the inside all the deceptions and pitfalls, all the fears and the lies, that stop us getting free of an eating disorder’s terrible, deathly grip.

In fact, i truly do think it’s her total integrity that has firstly inspired me with the confidence to actually believe that – yes – after all these years I might still be able to get better, there might still be a chance for me; and then – Oh, real wonder of wonders – she has actually helped me onto the royal road to recovery itself.

And it has been such an invaluable help to me to be able to turn to one of her videos whenever I’ve started to falter or some issue comes up that I just don’t seem to be able to work on all by myself.

She seems to have a knack of getting right to the heart of whatever it is that’s causing me to stumble; and then she’s so straight down the line with her wise words and encouragement that every time she inspires me with the confidence and determination I’ve so far lacked until now, and I know i can do it.

 In a nutshell – Nina makes me believe.  Thank you, Nina, from the bottom of my heart.




 ‘You know, that Nina has really got something,’ he told me.  ‘She not only really knows what she’s talking about, but the no-nonsense way in which she puts it across is exactly what’s needed.  That program is going to help a whole lot of people.  You too, I’m sure.’

I got the new Recover From Eating Disorders E-Program a few days ago and ever since I have been feasting my eyes and ears on the unbelievable cornucopia of goodies it’s packed with.  There is so much in there, it’s quite overwhelming to think of the amount of work, effort, time and – yes, love – that must have gone into it.

Even at this early stage I can see that it comprehensively covers all possible bases.  Surely anyone with an eating disorder would be filled with positivity just looking at the sheer range and scope of what’s included, as it’s pretty much designed to leave no eating disorder anywhere to hide, I reckon.

I love the way all the media comes as 3 separate formats – MP3, MP4 and PDF – so that you can work with each part of every single module in exactly the manner you choose and in the way that actually suits your lifestyle at any one particular time.  That is so handy. And you can work through the material in whatever way you want too; you don’t have to follow a prescribed route to you recovery.  That’s very important, I think, because everyone will have different issues around their eating disorder in the foreground, and other issues that aren’t so pressing or important.
 I know that there were certain topic titles within the various modules that leapt out at me immediately as the ones that are screaming ‘This is especially for you!’, and that’s going to be the same for everyone, but with different topics doing the screaming each time.  And, boy, was there ever some loud and raucous screaming going on in my direction.  This program certainly knows how to hit the spot, it seems.

I asked my husband – a battle-scarred and weary veteran of my long-term eating disorder and a Psychologist to boot – to assist me with some of the downloading, and in order to check that everything was running across smoothly he checked a few of the videos.  
Later, and quite unasked for, he told me how impressed he’d been by what he’d seen – both in the breadth and depth of the entire package, and also the content itself.
 ‘You know, that Nina has really got something,’ he told me.  ‘She not only really knows what she’s talking about, but the no-nonsense way in which she puts it across is exactly what’s needed.  That program is going to help a whole lot of people.  You too, I’m sure.’ 

Yes, well – I could have told him that. That’s why I’m going to get straight on back to it right now.


 ”When I found your program and heard what you had to say, I knew that this was IT.”

Nina, I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to have found you and your work! I just turned 50 and have struggled with food and weight since I was 6. I was not an overweight kid but I felt like one because of the pressure, both family and societal, to look a certain way, i.e., slim.  As a youth and young adult, I thought I didn’t look the “right way” because I wasn’t working hard enough at it.

So I dieted and binged, dieted and binged. The result was, of course, a gradual weight gain over the years.  I now know that that is a ridiculous way to live.

I’ve sought help through therapists, the work of such gurus as Geneen Roth (whom I also love) and others.

When I found your program and heard what you had to say, I knew that this was IT.

I do believe we can all be recovered from our eating disorders, and when I’m tempted to believe those “out there” who say we can’t, I come back to your resources and get grounded again.

The “Acting As If It’s Already True” is a powerful thing to do, as is living my life fully now and not waiting to be any weight or look any way. I don’t do well with structure, and I think that’s one reason your program works for me.

I haven’t binged in a few months; I eat exactly what I feel like eating when I’m hungry, and one BIG point–if I do have a compulsive eating time or day, I know that that’s normal too and it’s OK and I just get back into my recovery “space.”  I could say so much more, but I want people to know that if you want to recover from your eating disorder, you can.

And what I’ve found in Nina V.’s practice is working beautifully for me!

– Lisa Baker


“Your work is truly revolutionary.You change lives!”


Your work is truly revolutionary. I’ve been healing from binge eating for 8 years and while I’ve tried a ton of techniques and methods to overcome this, NOTHING is as effective or lasting as what you teach.

With your help, I’ve just gotten to this place of peace and surrender. My obsession with food and getting over bingeing has significantly decreased, which has significantly decreased the amount of times I binge. Your videos and worksheets address EVERY question or reservation I’ve had about recovery.

You’ve been thought it ALL, so I completely trust you to guide me, along with your other followers. You change lives!

Sarah Greenberg



“It’s been a full year of living free with out the
constant burden of binge eating disorder consuming my every thought”

May 24 2012

Dear Nina,
You have been a great help and inspiration to me, your site and book
are effective and beautiful resources for positive information on
recovery from eating disorders. You offer enthusiastic and frequent
suggestions for many people in the same situation an alternative to
our sentence. Nothing is more important than that, hope, support,
someone that believes in you and that you can change. Being told again
and again that you can never fully recover or have a normal life is so
detrimental and damning. When I found your site, and learned about
your techniques for intuitive eating and changing how I think it gave
me the motivation I needed desperately to get out of my situation.

Took me months to reprogram my thinking and kill bad habits but it was
so worth it and now it’s been a full year of living free with out the
constant burden of binge eating disorder consuming my every thought.

I am extremely grateful to have come across your site and I plan to
continue following and reading all the information you put out to keep
me positive and informed. For me it was being reassured that I don’t
need to be on a diet and over time the yo~yo dieting stopped, my
anxiety was gone and I was no longer in a dark place. I was able to
focus on other more important things in my life other than food, diets
and as soon as I let go, the weight started to drop too. I was working
out for fun, I was eating what I wanted with out guilt,I wasn’t hungry
anymore and I wasn’t destroying myself anymore. I was finally just
living like a normal person that I always wanted to be.

Thank you for being there and helping me and so many others see that recovery and
change is possible!


Jessica Ward



“This program gives you everything you need to free yourself from the obsession with food and weight. It by far is the BEST recovery toolbox I have found.” 

Nina’s Eating Disorder Recovery Program is unlike any other. The tools and advice Nina provides in this program are thought-provoking and transformative. She shows anyone suffering from any form of disordered eating the steps to take in order to transform into a normal eater.

Nina does not attempt to sell you another diet plan or routine you must follow in order to “recover.”

Her program teaches you how to start trusting yourself again. Her personal accounts prove that you do not need to follow a strict set of rules to find complete freedom.

She teaches you how to get rid of the good vs bad thinking that plagues so many of disordered eaters. Nina proves that it is possible to completely recover from an eating disorder and her program shows you how you can reach complete recovery for yourself.

Nina’s program gives you personalized videos, action exercises, visualization techniques, and so much more in order to show you that YOU have the power to recover, and that complete recovery is possible.

Nina’s program is easy to navigate and she even breaks down her videos into 4 different modules – Body, Mind, Spirit, Post Recovery – so that you can focus on whatever area you are struggling the most with at that time.

She also provides a one stop page with over 20 PDF bonuses along with 3 e-books with empowering techniques and tools to bring you closer to complete freedom from disordered eating. Nina also provides video and audio downloads to make her program even more accessible, which makes it even easier to stay focused and dedicated to your complete recovery.

This program gives you everything you need to free yourself from the obsession with food and weight. It by far is the BEST recovery toolbox I have found.

The ideas and concepts Nina provides brings relief to sufferers because she shows you that there is a way out. Nina proves that COMPLETE recovery is possible, and gives anyone that is suffering from disordered eating the courage and strength to completely recover.

Thank you Nina for providing this incredible, one-of-a-kind Eating Disorder Recovery Program.

Thank you again for providing this, you have no idea how much your personal accounts and tips and techniques have helped me in my recovery. I NEVER thought I would be able to feel the way I now feel around food again.

This program will change your life, and give you back the peace and freedom your eating disorder has taken from you.




 ”Nina is real…she’s there for you…just take the first step!”

Hi, Nina!

I really like this one video you did where you discuss if you’re making the thing worse!

That was tough! But important!


I think you’re program rocks, basically!

I love the easy-to-use format…..really simple to find what you want to focus on!

Some of the backgrounds in the videos are really nice…I like the bamboo curtain the best.

I also like that you don’t talk too fast! Dr. Oz drives me nuts!

I like how you removed the focus off food and weight.

The Daily Statement and Inner-cise are wonderful.

I also like that you have post recovery. Sometimes one can feel lost at this stage!

The option for pdf is great. Luckily, I respond best to video.

The language is easy to understand, too!


Good job, Nina! GG



 ”Nina is real…she’s there for you…just take the first step!”

Dear Nina,

Thanks to your books and website,

I’m doing very well. I’m no longer doing compulsive or emotional eating. I don’t see a need to!—and this from someone who ate the whole box of cereal in one sitting, and couldn’t keep any favorite foods in the home!


I eat well, and I eat what I like.


The big thing I did was to:

eat normally for me, get busy with my life, eliminate binge food for a while,

not discuss eating disorder stuff, stay away from disordered eaters,

basically I followed your steps. I also learned to recognize what part of me was me,

and what part was the voice of compulsive eating (which was not me!).

I suffered with what I have come to believe is compulsive eating after having done many a diet and exercise program since the 1990′s!!!!


I suppose that’s just because everyone did diets! Normal eating wasn’t popular or discussed!

I believe I also did compulsive exercise, to keep off the “lost” weight from the diets!

I’ve been anywhere from a high of 195, to a low of 113 pounds and back up again…. yo-yoing (which has stopped. Now I’m  slowly losing weight!).


The best thing I learned from your site was self love and gratitude.

That goes a long way in overeating prevention. I think overeating is a sure sign

of self distrust and dislike.

All in all, I healed from the worst of the stuff in about 3 months. My weight never increases,

in fact, I’ve lost some! The best part is gaining life! :)

I can’t say my weight is all gone, but, I am losing slowly….I can feel it in my clothes!

Oh, I think the Q & A Tuesday videos are awesome! I love how they come with action steps!

I got so much out of the website too! Very user friendly. I also have the free ebook on intuitive eating, and got a lot of

great info from it!


Nina is real…she’s there for you…just take the first step! I can really tell that she’s been there, because I can relate to what she says so well!


When I bought Nina’s book, I’d hit diet bottom…couldn’t do another day! Didn’t want to…

I knew this was right for me. Nothing else out there really struck me as doable or even safe. I’m very thankful.


I hope this seriously helps someone who reads it!




“I almost cried because for the first time I noticed my confidence had gotten better”

Dear Nina,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work creating your new program! It is amazing!

I have been saying my daily statement to myself and the universe every night and morning and whenever I get a free minute and already my mind feels like there has been a shift from being so worried and self concious to just being content with who I am. I also figured out my triggers and have eliminated/annihilated them!

I am a dance instructor and my self confidence was terrible which would show through in my dancing. Being in a room full of wall to wall mirrors having to wear tiny shorts and a singlet and also trying not to compare myself with the other dancers sometimes makes it impossible not to worry about how you look. But thanks to you and your program I figured out that mirrors are a big trigger for me.

Now when I teach I just see straight through the mirror like it’s not even there. I went to work last night and in my last hour had some free time so recorded a video of myself dancing, usually I would be very judgemental when I watched it back but I almost cried because for the first time I noticed my confidence had gotten better, I was more expressive and in the moment, my technique was better and there wasn’t one time where I paused and looked at myself in the mirror!

There’s another thing to add to your list of amazing talents Nina Expressive Dance Tutor! Lol.

My favourite things about your program:

  • Daily statement to the universe.
  • Affirmations and visualisations.
  • I have put all the MP3s and MP4s on my ipod and listen to the MP3′s in the car on my way to work.
  • The PDF’s are great, I make sure I make time to read them each day.
  • The fact that the program not only helps you to recover from eating disorders but it gives you the tools to become something great in your life instead of just being recovered and not knowing what to do with yourself. That is probably what I love most.

For the first time I ate McDonalds with my boyfriend a couple of nights ago for the first time in years and didn’t completely freak out about it.

I think it was a sign that I had done the right thing in trusting I would be ok because I got the best happy meal present ever! A blue my little pony! (Photo attached). She sits on the dashboard of my car now as a reminder that I am completely recovered from all eating disorders. (notice my present tense, I’m learning hehe).

I will finish there because I know you’re a busy girl and this email is massive.

Thanks again so much! You are an absolute gem!




“Nina’s program is helping me realize that letting go of the control is freedom”

First, I want to thank Nina from my heart.


Like Nina, I have suffered with various forms of ED for a decade.

I believed strongly in controlling my intake, and my body; but in fact, the disorder was controlling me.


Nina’s program is helping me realize that letting go of the control is freedom. When your mind has freedom (because you have let go of all that time spent obsessing over food and weight) to work on other things, there are no limits to what you can achieve.  Personal relationships, work, hobbies, and all your passions, get the headspace they need to blossom.


From my perspective, Nina’s methods are the best tool out there to reach that place. The best tool out there for recovery; mine and yours.  Unlike many other methods, there are concrete steps provided, that you can act on, and use as support, every day.  Not just to change your mindset, but to change your actions too.  And having been exactly where we have been, she comes from a place of total understanding. 


So to all of those on her program, I wish you strength and courage. Don’t give up; you’re on the right track to complete recovery and an active life filled with the freedom of spirit that you deserve.


Thank you again for your generosity.


Sincerely yours,



If you want in and are ready to get to a place of FULL Recovery with no monkey on your back, no dieting, no calorie counting and live a life driven by your dreams and purpose, then sign on up…

I will see you on the other side!

Freedom, Love + Service,

Nina 🙂

Nina Vucetic

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