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How to Utilize Your Subconscious for Eating Disorder Recovery

by nina on February 28, 2011

subconscious eating disorder recoveryYour subconscious mind accepts whatever is impressed upon it. This is true for eating disorder recovery as well as many other things in life. It cannot distinguish between what is actually true or not. Your subconscious mind does not engage in whether your thoughts are good or bad, false or true. It simply responds according to the nature of your thoughts or suggestions.

Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it. It is an amazing truth that the law of the subconscious mind works for good and bad ideas alike.

This is where you have the power to change what goes into your subconscious about eating disorder recovery through conscious reprogramming of your mind, thoughts and beliefs.

I often used creative visualization, affirmations and intention setting to change my subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and to achieve success in eating disorder recovery.

This is something that I have been practicing for a while now, and although I no longer need it for eating disorder recovery (it has come true!) I still use it in many other areas of my life.

Here is a simple process for visualizing your eating disorder recovery:

1. First Set your Goal or Intention to Your Subconscious Mind.

This can really be anything that you would like to create. So for eating disorder recovery decide that you want to achieve full and complete recovery, with freedom from the disorder.

2. Get Clear on Your Request and Vision

The next step is to get a very precise image in your mind as well as the feelings that are associated with the eating disorder recovery that you want to create.

It is crucial to think and feel it in the present tense – as if it is something that is occurring exactly as you want it to be. Remove any negative thinking – this is your time to use your imagination without any blocks. See yourself exactly in the situation as you want it to be right now and get some very precise details to go along with it. For example, see yourself telling someone about your recovery; see yourself eating out without guilt, whatever works for you.

3. Focus on your ideal vision often and with emotion and clarity.

You can practice it at first during quiet moments and then extend it to thoughts throughout the day. Make it part of your life, something that you do naturally and often. The more you do it the easier it will become.

However always keep your focus light and let go of attachment. Get in a relaxed state as f it were already true without exerting too much mental effort or force.

4. Finally, make sure you infuse your subconscious request with positive energy.

Add strong affirmations; think of a few that you can easily memorize and keep repeating them in the present tense, that the situation exists NOW. See yourself as achieving it and use affirmations to give it positive force that you have achieved it.

Remember that your subconscious mind WANTS to HELP you – you just need to learn how to apply the strategies and be consistent. Then trust in its power and let go. It can be easy and effortless if you allow it.

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Nina Vucetic

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Mandi Heppler March 2, 2011 at 3:20 am

Hi Nina,

Okay, so I have another question for you.. How long did it take you to actually see weight loss in recovery? I know that recovery is not about weight loss, and I am not concentrating on it, but I am definitely curious as to when I will see results.
Thank you!

Mandi Heppler


nina March 5, 2011 at 7:10 pm

Hi Mandi,

The main thing of course is NOT to focus on the weight loss because this is what drives our obsession!
Results can vary – my experience was that I lost 40 pounds in the first year and the less I focused on it, the quicker it went



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