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Health Conscious or Signs of Eating Disorder

by nina on October 26, 2010

I come across a lot of people whose eating disorder is masked as being “health conscious”, “focused on fitness” or dedicated to extreme dieting for health reasons. This is the insidious nature of this disease which masks all of the more obvious signs of eating disorder. It can sometimes appear to be healthy, to almost be doing something good for you.

I know of a woman who is particularly successful in many areas of her life. A great career, social abundance and is on a spiritual path.

However, her life is consumed by extreme dieting, exercise and constant fasts and other cleansing diets. It makes her miserable and she has binges that throw her out completely. She also is constantly injured or sick due to her extreme workouts.

The new result is that her eating disorder has robbed her of the ability to enjoy the great success that she has in her life.

And the biggest problem is that the disorder is so well masked that neither she nor anyone else would recognize the signs of eating dosorrder. It is so deeply rooted in denial that it becomes difficult to break down. Sometimes these cases are the worst! In some ways I am glad that my overeating, bulimia and binge eating got so out of control, because it shattered my denial and the hold of the disease.

Are you ready to completely surrender your control over your eating and weight?

Can you identify all of your eating disorder signs honestly?

This may seem like a huge task, and it some ways it is, but it is also the most simple and natural thing to do.

The only way that I could ever get complete freedom from the mental obsession and physical compulsion was to completely surrender all of the eating disorder signs and behavior. This means no dieting, calorie counting, restricting, laxatives, purging or “healthy eating” obsession.

You have to surrender to win with an eating disorder!

Nina Vucetic

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