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Self Love and Appreciation on Valentine’s day

by nina on February 14, 2012

Self love valentines dayToday is a day of love.
When we think of love and Valentine’s day we think of romantic partners, flowers from that special someone, a candlelit dinner or a cute hallmark card.

But let’s do something different this year.

Watch this latest video on how to Express Self Love on Valentine’s Day to yourself…

I have some Questions that I will be asking you today and specific action steps that you can take to grow your self esteem, self confidence and of course, self love.

See when I was in the middle of my eating disorder, I heard of this concept called “self-love” …
And had no idea what it meant.
I thought it meant being “skinny”, having a flat belly, or fitting into skinny jeans…

I had no ability to practice self-love.

Self-love requires action. Only by acting in loving ways towards ourselves do we get to a place of self-love.

it is one of those things that you can think your way into, but must ACT your way into…

Today’s Q+A Tuesday is reversed and I ask YOU to do some soul searching and answer some questions

Check out the video, leave your comments if it has been helpful and also tell us all some specific things you did to show yourself some love!

The Questions and Exercises are simple:

Self Love Questions Part 1:

Write out at least 3 answers…

“How Can I Be More Loving To Myself (Today and Any other day!)

Self Love Questions Part 2:

If I were 5% more LOVING to myself, I would:

Write out at least 3 things – and you can use these any time, day, month – not just valentine’s day!

Now, let’s share and spread some LOVE, because quite often we are so stuck in our heads and disease that we forget to acknowledge and show love to those that love and support us most…

Part 3: 3 people That I LOVE and will send my Appreciation, gratitude and love to:

List 3 people and you can send your special gift to them in the form of a present, a flower, a letter, an email, a special day out at the spa or anything else that they would love and that would show how much gratitude and love you have for them…

Now go ahead and enjoy the day, remembering that we cannot truly love another until we love ourselves – and loving yourself should be your primary job!

If you don’ think you deserve it, do it anyway! Miraculous changes happen when we learn to love and care for ourselves… and only by acting our way to self love through loving actions do we get to that place of truly loving ourselves – body, mind, spirit, flaws, features and all!

Happy Self Love Day!


Nina Vucetic

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