Powerful Visualization Exercise for Eating Disorder Recovery

by nina on March 31, 2013

recovery visualizationImagine now what you would be doing if you did not have this eating disorder.

This is an important exercise and visualization that is extremely POWERFUL and should be performed often to get the fastest and best results.

• What would you be doing with your life if you did not have this eating disorder?

• Where would you be working?

• What would you be working on?

• What would you do in the mornings, afternoons and evenings?

• Who would you be spending time with?

Imagine your new reality with as much detail and clarity as possible. See it as if it were true for you today. You can begin the exercise by writing it all out, in detail and specific points that are personal to you. Mention specific places and peoples names – anything that is important to you.

Now keep reviewing this sheet, adding things and gaining more and more belief that this CAN be a reality for YOU. It can happen, in exactly the way that you want it to manifest in your life.

The more you VISUALIZE your new reality, as if it were already true, the greater success you will have. Think about what you will be doing with all of your new free time, who you will be spending it with and get detailed about the kind of life you want.

Your brain does not know the difference between something that you VIVIDLY imagine and something that you actually experience. The more you see yourself as COMPLETELY FREE, as a normal eater, the more your brain will accept this as true and you will act accordingly.

Create these emotions on a regular basis. Make the visualizations and phrases infused with emotions a HABIT for you. No matter where you are at or what is going on, make it a habit that you will visualize your success and repeat positive statements and phrases on a regular basis.

To Your Complete Recovery and Freedom,


Nina Vucetic

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