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Over Eating Disorder – How Do I Stop Over Eating

by nina on November 26, 2011

over eating disorderHi guys,

I have a special Video for you today because i have been getting so many questions from people with an over eating disorder and the biggest challenge and question is always “How Do I Stop Over Eating??”

I am going to share with you a tip that may seem obvious – but totally changed my perception once I got clarity and honesty around this – what am I doing during the day? Am I stuck in the diet mentality, am I constantly thinking about food, weight loss, the next diet or fast, the latest exercise program promising the impossible?

Watch the Over Eating Disorder – How Do I Stop Over Eating Video and realize that you can be free of this and absolute recovery from an Over Eating Disorder is possible…

Note: At 1.25 mins what is fueling the Over Eating and preventing you from achieving full recovery – can you relate?

I went through the hell of an overeating disorder for a decade.

I am FREE, because I BELIEVED that I could be. The Universe will always support what YOU believe.

Do you believe that you can recover? THINK BIG, BELIEVE and you will RECOVER.

Being stuck on a plane having anxiety attacks because I felt so big and could NOT stop eating the whole time, waking up full of self hatred and swearing that this time the diet would stick and i would make it work, I would not over eat, I would stay away from any binge food… only to have it FAIL again, and I would once again be isolated, overeating and hating myself even more.

BUT it does NOT have to be this way.

I remember at that time thinking the worst – that I will be this way forever. This is a very serious topic, because to me it felt like a slow death.

I swore that if I ever recovered, I would share the message of hope and the EXACT strategy with as many people as possible.

I have done that, with my EBook Recover From Eating Disorders where I show you exactly:

  • How to Reclaim a Natural Way of Eating
  • How to Never Have to Binge or Overeat again
  • How to Never Have to Be on Another Diet Again
  • That it is possible to never even think about food or weight during the day

And get to a place to total freedom from all the pain and obsession and feel immense gratitude that the war is finally over…

Get it today before the limited time price goes up on November 1 – I want you all to experience the freedom of total recovery and to get on with what you love to do and are passionate about.

Download Recover From Eating Disorders Limited Price Special

To Your Total Over Eating Disorder Recovery,


Nina Vucetic

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Dom November 28, 2011 at 4:07 am

Hi Nina,
Thank you so much for posting so regularly. I find your webinars really helpful and love that there is always a new one on it’s way! You have helped me to find the fire inside me that I have always needed to fight this. I am now able to run (something I have never been able to do), and I have been able to thank my ED for giving me the power to never give up on things. Thank you Nina, you are amazing!

I just have a couple of things that I was hoping you could help with…
1) I’m still struggling with “turning-off” the constant thoughts about food.. I’m always planning “what to eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner” and i’m always questioning “when can I have something sweet/have I eaten too much sweet food today” etc…
2) How to deal with comments from other people, ie. “wow! you use A LOT of dressing on your food” Although I am aware that I am hyper-sensitive to food-related comments, these remarks make me feel “very fat” and tend to hinder my progress.
3) I still constantly compare the amount I eat/the speed I eat with other women… I try to remind myself that this about me and my recovery, however this is something I find challenging as no matter what size I am, I always think I’m bigger that everyone…

Hope these questions aren’t too difficult, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Nina 🙂


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