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100 Ways to End Your Obsession with Food and Weight

by nina on February 4, 2011

food and weight obsessionDo you find yourself obsessed with food and weight? To the point that you cannot really focus on your work, be present with your friends or enjoy your favorite hobbies? This is the insidious nature of food and weight obsessions – they rob you of your life and soul. All you can do is think about how much you ate, how much exercise you need to fo to burn it off, what your next diet is going to be and how to avoid being around people so that you can either binge or starve.

It is a sad way to live, but fortunately you CAN beat your food and weight obsession. The first thing to realize is that it is the dieting, restricting and overthinking about food and weight that is the real cause. Giving up diets is a great start to get rid of the obesssions and free your mind for more positive things.

I am grateful to have been freed of the obsession with my weight and food for 4 years. I wish everyone the same freedom. Here are the things that I will be doing this month instead of obsessing about food and weight.

  1. Feeding my puppy
  2. Playing with my puppy
  3. Going to a play
  4. Writing
  5. Going to yoga
  6. Going to my support group
  7. Doing a new guided meditation
  8. Reading a book on the Bhadgivad Gita
  9. Cleaning the apartment
  10. Calling friends
  11. Returning business calls
  12. Planning a holiday
  13. Drinking a smoothie after yoga
  14. Emailing my Mother
  15. Calling my friends overseas
  16. Watching the morning news
  17. Booking a facial
  18. Reading positive blogs
  19. Drinking coffee with milk and sugar
  20. Reaching out to fellow online bloggers
  21. Reading a friends’ manuscript
  22. Reviewing my brothers web site
  23. Going to dinner with friends
  24. Watching a movie with my boyfriend
  25. Going to a Christmas Party
  26. Signing up for a yoga workshop
  27. Going to Brunch with a friend
  28. Working affirmations journal
  29. Recording a live interview on a Healthy Place
  30. Writing a guest post
  31. Seeing friends from out of town
  32. Listening to A New Earth on my Ipod
  33. Writing a short free ebook on my Intuitive Eating Experience
  34. Posting a guest blog on a Voice in Recovery
  35. Guest blogging about my story on PsychCentral
  36. Admiring beautiful art by Jessica Ward
  37. Writing a letter of recommendation for a friend
  38. Responding to emails about eating disorder recovery
  39. Buying new curtains
  40. Setting up new shelves
  41. Calling a friend to do a morning reading meditation
  42. getting a manicure and pedicure
  43. going for acupuncture
  44. Working on my book
  45. Responding to emails from people who want eating disorder help
  46. Writing posts for my new site
  47. Going to dinner with girlfriends
  48. Going shopping with a friend
  49. Taking pictures of new things I want to buy for my apartment
  50. Making an interior decorating scrapbook
  51. Printing off pictures and putting them in frames
  52. Buying a plant
  53. Doing creative writing exercises
  54. Calling my mother on Skype
  55. Calling my best friend on Skype
  56. Doing creative visualization exercises
  57. Meditating
  58. Writing goal statements
  59. Shopping for a new scarf
  60. Reaching out for help when I need it
  61. Redecorating my apartment
  62. Taking beautiful pictures of New York
  63. Going to see a movie
  64. Downloading some great music
  65. Reading awesome books on spiritual growth
  66. Sending messages to friends around the world on facebook
  67. Planning a trip to Australia
  68. Organizing my work
  69. Creating a dream board
  70. Creating a daily work list
  71. Coming up with creative promotional ideas for a web site
  72. Visiting thrift shops for new household items and furniture
  73. Writing morning pages
  74. Networking with other bloggers
  75. Sending inspiring twitter messages
  76. Reading amazing personal development blogs the change blogXX
  77. Catching up on Twitter
  78. Working on writing my goals
  79. Practicing affirmations
  80. Taking a bath
  81. Going to the local steam and sauna
  82. Buying a gift for a friend
  83. praying for others and their success
  84. Reading the 7 spiritual laws of success
  85. Reading Social media optimization books
  86. Listening to downloaded Steve Pavlina podcasts
  87. Listening to Buddhist meditations
  88. setting up my new home office
  89. Creating a logo for my site
  90. Enjoying the snow in New York
  91. Walking around my beautiful neighborhood
  92. Writing and emailing a daily gratitude list to my friend
  93. Buying lavender
  94. Trying a new restaurant
  95. Getting a long massage
  96. Creating a collage to let go of a certain part of my life
  97. Creating a collage for a new life vision
  98. reaching out to help others as much as possible
  99. Loving myself
  100. Eating all the things that I love, when I feel like it!

If you truly want to end the war with your food and weight obsessions, you can get help. Here are some articles that can help you get started:

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