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Obsessed With Diets: Do You Know Everything About Diets?

by nina on April 22, 2011

obsessed with dietsAfter riding the diet obsession roller coaster for almost a decade I was a walking diet database. I could tell you the fat, carbohydrate, calorie content of every different type of food and drink. And yet I was still unable to stick to any of these diets, was out of control with my binge eating and could not last more than a few days on any of these diets.

The more I knew, the less I knew. And the harder I tried to stick to these diets, the harder I failed and the more I became obsessed with diets.

I just couldn’t understand how someone with so much knowledge could fail so miserably.

What I didn’t realize is that knowledge is not a transformative force – especially in the world of diet obsession and eating disorders.

I was obsessed with diets which wrecked my metabolism, filled me with guilt, had me starving all the time – and still not losing weight.

Not only that but I experienced:

  • Complete social withdrawal
  • Lack of interest in any hobbies
  • Inability to concentrate at work
  • Inability to form relationships
  • Complete mental preoccupation with weight loss and diets

I was on a constant search for the perfect diet that would work and that would bring me the happiness and freedom that I so desired.

But this day never came – I only ended up binge eating even more, being increasingly obsessed with diets, a slower metabolism, and the worsening of my eating disorder symptoms including purging, compulsive overeating, starving for days and binge eating at every possible occasion.

Obsessed with Diets: So what is the answer?

I realized after many years that it was the actual dieting mentality that was the problem, not my lack of willpower, not my biology and not even my emotional state. I would eat and be obsessed with diets and weight loss whether I was happy, sad, angry or indifferent.

I had to reach a total rock bottom place to realize that diets were my problem and that the only way out was to stop dieting for good. It had to be a complete 180 degree change in my thinking – something that is terrifying for someone who has been restricting, obsessing and dieting for a decade.

But it works. It has worked for me and I have seen it work for countless others.

  • Rejecting the diet mentality means:
  • Eating what you actually want
  • Realizing that there are no mistakes
  • A determination to become an intuitive eater again
  • Resisting the mental obsession to go on that one last diet
  • Creating a support network to assist you
  • Being patient with yourself and learning to trust your body again

I have been a “normal” or “intuitive” eater for over 4 years now and I have complete freedom from all diet obsession, food guilt and the desire to lose weight. I have remained at the same weight for several years; it is the perfect weight for me and does not fluctuate at all.

Most importantly – I have a life, I have freedom, I would never diet and I eat what I want, when I want. I am in touch with my body in the same way I was as a child.

This kind of recovery and freedom is possible for anyone. I have described my short story with a happy ending to offer hope, but there is a process and strategy that goes with it. Like anything, there are ups and downs, challenges and a battle between the old dieting self and the new healthy, intuitive eater.

If you would like more information about my eating disorder recovery, you can download:

Recovery from Eating Disorders – an 80 Page eBook that details:

  • My recovery strategy that still works after almost 5 years
  • The challenges and how to deal with them
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • How to END Diet Obsession for Good
  • How to change your thinking and
  • How to finally be free and become an intuitive eater.


  • You can be FREE of the obsession and compulsion around food, without dieting, restriction and obsessive exercise programs.
  • Learn how to live with FREEDOM from food obsession, without any food and weight obsession and without having to follow a strict food plan.
  • Learn how someone who was addicted to food, suffered with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder for over a decade is now completely free and maintains a normal, healthy weight without dieting or restricting – without thinking about food at all!
  • Say goodbye to diets. You can have complete freedom from bulimia, binge eating, anorexia and compulsive overeating!

I have been to the bottom many, times and have found my way out. I now have COMPLETE eating disorder recovery and am so grateful for it. I am committed to helping others who are struggling and want a REAL solution.

This new Ebook reveals the permanent way to get freedom from eating disorders and get your life back!

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Nina Vucetic

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