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New Recover From Eating Disorders Program Launch

by nina on May 6, 2012

eating disorder recovery programAfter months of research, filming, editing and sleepless nights, I have finally finished the all new Recover from eating Disorders program!

It is literally jam packed with pure content videos, recovery information, MP3’s, meditation audio, downloadable worksheets, Interviews and a whole range of Bonuses and resources that will keep getting updated. PLUS members only emails & fresh content, new healing techniques and a discount on upcoming programs (very exciting stuff coming soon…)

This program is my baby, fulfills my continued mission to bring eating disorder recovery to as many people as possible and can be watched, listened to and read at any time.

Check out the new announcement video – and like it, comment and share it! The more you give the more you will get back!!

What you can expect:

  • Learning How to Eat Intuitively
  • Never having to diet again
  • No more calorie counting
  • No more starvation diets
  • A resetting of your metabolism
  • Increased Energy and Creativity
  • Improved Personal relationships
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • A whole new world of creativity and following your dreams
  • Increased confidence, self esteem and productivity
  • Full Eating Disorder recovery
  • Freedom from compulsion and Obsession

A life beyond your wildest dreams…

… And a whole lot more.

Imagine waking up knowing you are FREE of the eating disorder thoughts, the food hangovers, the obsession about what to eat today, being able to wear what you want, eat what you want and DO what you want…


Join now to get your early bird disocunt and special BONUSES that are only for early bird subscribers… including one on one coaching with me – you have a full year to pick a date.

I am here in service to pass on the recovery that I have had for the last 7 YEARS.

I know you can have it too. Anything is possible, if you believe it, it already exist – I am just here to guide you.

So sign up NOW, Check out the video and spread it around to as many people as possible!!

10 MILLION are suffering and eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of ANY mental illnes…

And yet only 1 in 10 EVER get treatment.

Let’s change that. Let’s recover together and spread the message of HOPE.

Love + BlessingsĀ 

Nina xo


Nina Vucetic

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