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My Free Gifts to You (Video + PDF)

by nina on August 30, 2011

free giftI want to start the week off with some special gifts for you all because you have all done such an amazing job with posting your questions about eating disorder recovery, leaving comments and watching my videos – last I checked there were about 170 views of my video about Changing Beliefs about Eating Disorder recovery.

That is pretty amazing. The fact that  I know that you all want to recover, that you are willing to believe that complete recovery is in fact possible and you are taking action, asking questions and getting the information about how to actually recover – not simply feeding the disease. That is awesome.

So this week I have 2 special gifts for you.
The first one is a meditation and stress release video. It teaches a simple breathing exercise that always serves me when I am highly stressed, anxious and in a place of complete misalignment with my spirit and intuition.

This is a completely free meditation exercise that instantly helps me to reconnect to my inner self, get peace and release stress and anxiety. Watch the video here.

My second gift is a “Thought Stopping Exercise” PDF free for you to download.

I was taught some very simple “thought stopping” exercises to deal with the incredible anxiety that I used to feel. They are extremely simple, yet highly effective and combined with the meditation and breathing exercises, I can assure you that you will see significant improvements in your ability to handle stress, anxiety.

Once you are better able to deal with stress and anxiety you will find it much easier to deal with the compulsion to act out with your eating disorder as a result of not managing these things when they first crop up.

So enjoy the videos and free pdf!

And don’t forget that tomorrow we continue with the Q&A Tuesday series. I am very excited and slightly nervous about tomorrow’s topic. But it is something that needs to be addressed, and it was a great question asked by a recovering anorexic. The topic and Video is about Intuitive Eating and weight Loss… something that is on everyone’s mind and a difficult subject to approach. So stay tuned for tomorrow’s Video!

Get your free gifts and please keep posting your questions and comments!

Hope these two simple tools help you this week and please keep posting your amazing questions for me to answer about anything related to eating disorder recovery, intuitive eating, stress management tools, dealing with negative emotions, visualization, mental reprogramming or anything else that is on your mind and stopping you from achieving the full recovery that you want and deserve.

Love and abundance,



Nina Vucetic

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