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Meditation and Eating Disorder Recovery

by nina on January 5, 2012

I am a big believer in meditation and practicing spiritual principles when it comes to eating disorder recovery and achieving anything that you truly desire in life. The practice of meditation does not seem to be directly linked to eating disorder recovery but over time you will see and experience the benefits.

For those who suffer with eating disorders and other forms of addiction, our minds are often scattered, blurry and full of fear. Calming your mind is thus essential.

When your mind is quiet and free of anxiety, it becomes easier to relax and trust in your own intuition and ability to make decisions for yourself. Remember always that YOU are your own best guide and to trust your own process and inspired decisions and actions will come to you.

My Recover from Eating Disorders program is designed to serve as a guide for you to get back to your own intuition in all areas of your life, not just eating disorder recovery. Essentially it is about finding the guru within you that is already there and has all of the answers.

When we can quieten out minds, relax and allow our intuition to come through, answers will come to us naturally and effortlessly. There is no fear or struggle. there is no grasping for answers or a need to have an instant solution.

A quiet, peaceful mind is free of negative thoughts and is like a clean whiteboard. ready to hear insights, take in new information and come to realizations that are based on deeper instincts and knowledge.

This is when we can truly hear out intuition and the innate wisdom that we all possess.

Nina Vucetic

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