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Meditation and Eating Disorder Recovery

by nina on May 2, 2012

meditation eating disorder recoveryMeditation is something that seems to freak a lot of people out. Images of monks and yogis appear, or the idea that it is in the “to-do” basket when you have more time.

But meditation is what busy people as well as those with an overactive mind need most.

I keep it pretty simple in this video about meditation and eating disorder recovery – with the main idea of getting out of your head and into your body.

That is essentially the way out of suffering, unnecessary pain and getting in touch with you inner wisdom, your intuition and the innate guidance system that you were born with, and that we can all tap into to guide us from things like intuitive eating, relationship evaluation and our purpose in life.

Find out just how simple it is to begin meditation for recovery and how to really get out of the monkey mind brain and fill your body with presence, consciousness and allow healing to occur.

So make sure you check out the new meditation and recovery video, and I have also added a little bonus Simple Meditation Technique PDF that you can download. As simple as this meditation is, it is useful for beginners and advanced. The principles are always the same – to quieten the mind, get into your body and create space for an inner stillness in order to tap into the wisdom of your intuition.

Love you all & please leave comments about your experience with meditation… Have you tried it? Do you struggle with being still? Do you have any techniques that you want to share?

Drop your comments and questions below! We would all love to hear them. 

Love & Freedom,


P.S. I am totally excited about the upcoming release of my new Recovery Program that is jam packed pure content video, meditation, MP3’s, loads of worksheets, questions and worksheets to discover the blocks to your recovery and get you all into the beautiful peace and freedom of eating disorder recovery!
So don’t forget to sign up and pre-register for your early bird discounts and bonuses!

Nina Vucetic

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