Wanting to Lose Weight When Recovering from an Eating Disorder

by nina on August 11, 2013

What do you do when you do want to recover but you have that nagging voice telling you that you should just lose a bot of weight and that you can still control how much you weigh?

Ahh… I know this feeling very well.

When I was trying to recover, there would be times when I would really be inspired to be healthy and free, but then that old voice comes back in… it would tell me “screw it!” – just lose a bit of weight and control the craving and binge eating – you can do it and you will be happier.


I would ALWAYS end up binge eating, depressed, isolated and hopeless. Always. That is how it always ends up when you have an eating disorder – even if you manage to “control” it for a certain period of time – it always ends up the same.

The periods of being able to control it are not fun either! You always feel like there is a monkey on your back and you know that you will lose control at some point.

However, you CAN have true freedom, recovery and get that monkey off your back for good… that is true recovery and it is possible for you just like it was for me.

The latest question on this topic comes from Raquel who wants to know how to deal with that “eating disorder voice”

I’m really scared I know I’m sick but i’m i don’t want to wing weight i feel fat now i’ve been eating and a i’ve a normal weight now but the thing is that i’m not happy at all some times i want to go back to the time when i wasn’t eating and i felt skinny and some times i binge but not as regular as i did before
what do i have to do to stop hearing that little voice that tells me i’m not skinny enough ?
I really want to start loving myself but I can’t please answer me


Hi Raquel

the desire to “lose weight” and “Get skinny” is just the eating disorder talking and trying to keep you trapped!
The eating disorder will never let you be “skinny enough” and even if you get to a low weight you will always be obsessed, depressed and have the monkey on your back – the feeling that the control will eventually slip and you will start gaining weight…
When you start eating intuitively and recover completely you will have a sense of freedom where you do NOT ever thing about losing weight and you truly love you body exactly as it is. This is what COMPLETE recovery means and this is the freedom that you CAN have!

Let go and have faith…


Now I want to hear from you! Do you struggle with that voice telling you that you are not skinny enough and how do you deal with it??


Nina 🙂

Nina Vucetic

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