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Letting Go through Rebirthing and Breathwork

by nina on May 5, 2012

letting goThere have been a few issues in my life that I have been struggling with and finding extremely hard to let go of. My mind simply would not let them go.
I would keep going back to the same old behavior, same old self destructive pattern and try to think myself out of it.
My body would resist, but my mind would persist.

I asked for help. I was told by 2 separate people about a woman who does breathwork and rebirthing.
Skeptical? No! I love trying anything new. I believe that is where real change and transformation occurs – when you step out of the old and familiar comfort zone.

So we did 2 hours of breath work. I screamed, cried, screeched. swore, punched and kicked my way through the excruciating 2 hours, breathing rhythmically all the way through…

The next day I went back to the same old behavior. Only this time it was like I was observing it from a third person. i was no longer part of that scene. i was no longer attached. Something shifted.

A pattern was broken and it did not happen by me thinking my way out of it, but by being led by my aswesomely intuitive and healing body.

Blessings and gratitude to Jesse Torgensen, my breath work and spiritual guide. A loving, powerful and compassionate woman, who does not judge, who is grounded and who genuinely cares.

May you all find your path to releasing hurt, emotional blocks, self sabotaging patterns… this is what worked for me in this particular situation. I have another session next week for a different issue – or maybe it will not be that one – who knows. Tip: It probably has nothing to do with your mind. Tip 2: leave yourself open for change so your life can expand with ease. Tip 3: If you can see it, it probably cannot fix you.

Blessings to you all.
May you find inner freedom from all that holds you back from your greatness.

Love Nina

P.S If you are interested in this form of therapy – here are some links to Breathwork: (for New Yorkers)

Nina Vucetic

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