Late Night Intuitive Eating

by nina on November 21, 2012

late night intuitive eatingA lot of you have been asking about whether it is okay to eat late at night and what you should be eating. Whether you should stick to light food, whether there is a “cut off’ time for eating…

My answer of course is HELL NO!

Eat whenever you want – that is absolutely crucial – whether it is 6pm, 10pm or 2 am – I eat whenever I feel hungry and I eat exactly what I feel like at that time. It makes no difference what time it is – no matter what all the “experts” out there are telling you!

That is the difference between being an intuitive eater and a DIETER.

You have permission to eat absolutely what you want, at anytime – and by giving yourself this permission you will see how much faster the path to freedom opens up for you.

Watch the latest video about my Intuitive Eating at Night in New York…

Letting go of the guilt, shame and the “dieting mentality” is the key here – and this can be easily done by looking at how diets have FAILED in the past – not just for you but the world at large.
Remember that 98% of all diets FAIL. And 95% of ALL dieters that lose any weight gain it all back PLUS more.

That is pretty pathetic and you are basically doomed to failure, shame, guilt and remorse.

Now we do not EVER need to do that again as long as we stick to the intuitive eating and living path!

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Also keep posting all of your awesome questions and topics that you want included in the Program!

Remember this is for YOU and YOUR recovery!

Love and freedom!

Nina 🙂

Nina Vucetic

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