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It’s My Birthday!

by nina on June 14, 2011

it's my birthday It is my birthday today and instead of receiving something I want to GIVE something back to you guys who have supported my site and are doing your best to beat this nasty, miserable disorder that we were afflicted with.

I am giving away a copy of my Recover From Eating Disorders E book plus the 3 Bonus E books that come with it.

In case you don’t know about it – Recover From Eating Disorders is an Ebook that covers:

  • How to eat what you want, when you want and NOT gain weight…
  • Why diets always end in failure
  • How to reclaim a natural way of eating… And why there is no such thing as “Perfect Eating”
  • The EXACT steps that I took to become a NORMAL eater
  • The behaviors that I had to let go of immediately in order to ensure complete recovery
  • How I FINALLY stopped dieting and LOST weight
  • How to explode beyond the limitations of your mental conditioning by making a DECISION for permanent CHANGE and CONQUER the self-defeating thoughts that have been sabotaging your own weight loss success
  • Why FOOD does not make you fat – it is the obsession – and how to END it once and for all
  • Important POST RECOVERY issues like exercise, “healthy” eating and other TRIGGERS to watch for and deal with
  • That you DO have the power to CHANGE – with some miraculous stories of people who achieved amazing results against the odds
  • How to change your thoughts that are preventing you from reaching full recovery and stop negative thinking cycles dead in their tracks.
  • How to effortlessly replace self-defeating limiting beliefs with new, healthy ones that you can apply to ANY situation
  • How to live free of the mental obsession and “Good” vs. “Bad” thinking about food.
  • How to become a normal, intuitive eater in a few SIMPLE steps

And much, much more!

All you need to do is “Like” my Facebook page, comment on it and tell me why you want to win this E book and then just Tweet this post to your followers. Drop me a comment when you have done it and you are all set!!

A winner will be picked in exactly one week – next Tuesday 21st June.

Wishing you all love, joy and FREEDOM.



Nina Vucetic

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nina June 20, 2011 at 11:51 am

Thank you all for the birthday wishes on Facebook and Tweets! I really appreciate it!!


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