Is Eating Disorder Recovery Worth It?

by nina on May 16, 2013

is eating disorder recovery worth itI was asked this question – “Is eating disorder recovery worth it” – several months ago…

I have been putting off the answer – but honestly thinking about how to best present my personal answer with complete honesty.

Today I found out that my best friend has stage 4 lung cancer.

It made me think deeper about the question… and it made it seem more pressing to answer.

I thought about the most honest way to answer this, considering that in the past year or so I have had to deal with the impending death of my best frined, watching my grandmother die, another friend commiting suicide last year, being completely homeless in NYC, coping with my own miscarriage and the end of a long term relationship.

So Is Eating Disorder Recovery Worth It?


Please watch the latest video as I answer in the most candid and honest way possible…




I would also love to hear from you – what challenges are you faced with and how are you coping with them without resorting to food, restriction, the eating disorder and self harm?


We can ALL have complete recovery, freedom and the ability to walk through all that life throws at us with self love, acceptance and faith in life…


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Love, freedom and courage,

Nina 🙂

Nina Vucetic

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Jaime May 16, 2013 at 6:20 pm

thank you for being so brave and using your energy to help others. i am writing a book about my binge eating experiences throughout recovery, hoping that i can help someone feel less alone about it in the future. i also really want to help high school seniors and freshmen in college, because so many people turn to self harm with the big transition to college and all the pressures of not gaining the “Freshman 15”. i turned to binge eating after being heartbroken from a 3 year relationship, the big transition of moving to college less than two weeks after that breakup, fighting with my best friend, dealing with my parents contemplating divorce, and dealing with one of my parents having a personality disorder.


nina May 16, 2013 at 7:33 pm

Hi Jaime

I think it is fantastic that you are writing a bok and giving people hope.

All of your personal dilemmas can be used as a source of stength and hope for others. Congratulations on your efforts and willingness to be of service to others

Love Nina 🙂


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