Awesome Intuitive Super Smoothie

by nina on December 27, 2012

intuitive eating super smoothieWhen I first started intuitive eating, smoothies and shakes were a big part of my intuitive eating. It was an easy way to try new things, get comfortable with different types of food, learn what I did and did not like and it eased the whole process.

Of course I ate other things as well, but this is something I would highly recommend is you are just starting out with intuitive eating.

It is simple, easy, not too scary and a great way to begin paving your path towards becoming an intuitive eater and finding out what your body really likes.

Check out the latest video with my Intuitive Super Smoothie and create your own!

The ingredients in this one were:

Almond Milk
Almond Butter
Agave Nectar
Maca Powder


Whip it up in a blender, making it the texture that is right for you and have it at any time!

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Have a great weekend!

Love Nina 🙂

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Nina Vucetic

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