I Can’t Stop Counting Calories and Focusing on Losing Weight

by nina on February 1, 2014

smallest stepCalorie counting, obsession with weight loss and an overall obsessive mind that interrupts your whole life is one of the most common manifestations of an eating disorder and other unhealthy states that all humans go through.

Just so you know – you are not alone in this. There is nothing wrong with you – we just need to develop new skills and strategies to deal with these situations. Cos its not like they taught us this at school right?? How to Deal With a Crazy Monkey Mind 101. 

And your mothers were probably just as self obsessed, bat shit psycho as mine! So while we didn’t get off to a god start, there is still time to learn new skills and have an awesome life!

But the good news is that you can deal with it, and maybe one day one of you will be a teacher and introduce this subject so that kids grow up better equipped to deal with life. Miracles are happening everywhere, so you never know.

Today I am answering a question from Erin:

Nna, i’m in a terrible place. I cant stop binge eating. Im getting enough food, but i cant seem to listen to my body. I keep telling myself that chocolate/pasta/bread/cookies will make me fat and give ne diabetes. I’ll eat it, but only so far. I still count calories. I keep focusing on losing weight and i think about food when im not hungry. Im not malnourished, but i guess im on a semi diet. I dont know how to stop obsessing. I feel unattractive in comparison to other girls and i dont want to do anything but either eat, or read about/research food. Its hard to admit because i like to pretend i have a grip on everything, but i really dont. Im not that overweight, at most about 30lbs, but im dearly obsessed. I dont know what to do

Dealing with Calorie Counting and Weight Loss Obsession: 

Hi Erin
I’m really sorry to hear that you are in that dark and awful place.
Here is the first thing that jumped out at me from your message:
“I still count calories. I keep focusing on losing weight”
Now I know very well how hard it is not to.

When we are obsessed it is like some mental virus has taken over.
BUT there is a way end this obsession.
FIRST: notice it

Notice when you are obsessed, when you are not present in your life, when you just keep thinking about food and weight loss.
That’s all – just notice – and say to yourself “food obsession” or “weight loss obsession”.
NAME it – Naming it separates it from you.

You detach yourself from the thought and the disorder – you claim back your own power and see it for what it is. Which is nothing – just a thought. Like the 345249511123 other thoughts that come through our minds each day. No more, no less. Just. a. thought.
SECOND: When it comes to things like reading calories on food or looking at sites/magazines/other material that is focused on weight loss, calories, etc…
This is where you MUST make a decision that you will not, for the sake of your sanity, look at those things.
This is where you do actually have control. You have free choice here and it is much easier to make this choice than it is to try and disentangle from obsessive thoughts.

This is where it takes effort on your part and saying “F- it! I want the best for myself and I do not want to live like a slave to this mos=nster any longer”

Choose Yourself. Like Your Life Depends on It.
Each decision, each step in the direction of recovery makes it easier to do the next time. The more you make these small decisions, the more they will add up until your brain is completely rewired and you have new neural pathways running through your head and affecting your decision making.

What does that mean??

Bottom line – it will be easy very quickly, but it starts with the first step – the first decision to do it differently.

P.S Please don’t make the biggest mistake here that we all have made – do not expect perfection! Ever seen a baby leap up and start walking around the room the first time they tried? 
So go easy and listen up perfectionistsyou will never get there.
you will never be perfect.
Neither will I. So give up and move on with life, ok?

Here is some visual inspiration…

brene perfectionism


THIRD STEP: Take back your mind

Once you have created space between you and the thought, which may take a little time, you will then have the opportunity to do something different.

What do I mean?

Well at this point if you are very acutely noticing the thought, you know its the obsession, you see what it is doing and that it will probably screw up your day, then its time to take some radical action.
It may seem ridiculous, hard or like its not working at first, but just do it.

What do you have to lose? You’re screwed anyway, so try something!?

What you do at this point is take a positive thoughts, statement, affirmation, mantra – whatever works best for you and you repeat it over and over and over and over… even if the obsessive one is trying to come through, you smash your new thought/,mantra/image on top of it.
Again and again. As many times as necessary.

Our brains can only hold one thought at a time, and the thought is completely up to you.

So the question is what are you going to choose?
Choose Now. Choose Well.

eating disorder recovery


Nina Vucetic

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