How to Stop Binge Eating – Finding Your Passion

by nina on August 29, 2012

Welcome back to Part 5 of the How to Stop Binge Eating Disorder Series. This week we are looking at finding your passion and replacing the void left by the binge eating disorder with things that you are truly passionate about, that make you come alive, give you feeling of satisfaction and purpose, and that you simply love doing.

Watch this week’s video about How to Stop Binge Eating – Finding Your Passion and see what it means to be free of all binge eating disordered thoughts and actions and have them replaces with things you are truly passionate about!

Check out the video, then download your Finding Your Passion Worksheet and get started to creating a new life that is beyond your wildest dreams and the essence of who you are!


Letting go of your binge eating disorder leaves a big void that needs to be replaced by something positive, healthy and self esteeming. That is where you passions come in and they replace the massive gap that the eating disorder has left behind and is the best way to refocus your mental energy and build on all those things that you were once passionate about, but have perhaps forgotten because the eating disorder moved in to leave no room for anything else.

Now I know that many of you get stuck at this point – not knowing what you passions are because you were disconnected from them for so long.

That is why I have created the Finding Your Passion Worksheet that is an awesome set of questions to get you thinking about your deepest passion, interest, life purpose and activities that make you feel fulfilled and come alive!

Download you Finding Your Passion Worksheet, take it to a quiet place, and allow your imagination to run wild, answering each question from the heart without censoring it with your logical brain. This will tap into the core of who you are and uncover what really make you special, what unique gifts you can bring into the world and what actions and interests will replace the gaping hole of the eating disorder in a way that brings you overwhelming satisfaction and joy.

Download your Worksheet today, fill out the questions and then leave me your comments! What have you uncovered about your passions and what specific, inspired action steps are you going to take to bring your passion into reality?

Enjoy the process, drop me your comments and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

Love, Freedom and to living a life of Passion!


P.S. As we get close to wrapping up the How to Stop Binge Eating Disorder Series, it is time to ask any questions that you have lingering in your mind. What is your biggest challenge right now when it comes to stopping binge eating?
Leave your questions in the comments which will all be answered in the follow up Q&A to this series.

Nina Vucetic

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lr September 3, 2012 at 10:31 pm

Hi Nina
i have a question, if I have BED and I feel that my passion is health and exercise? Is it dangerous?Because that is what makes me very passionate


nina September 10, 2012 at 10:54 am


Just watch your motives. Is the passion for healthy living or is it to try and control your own weight.
If you can get honest and clear on your motives, then you can do whatever you want.
Just put your recovery in the first place – always.

Love Nina x


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