How NOT to Be an Intuitive Eater

by nina on May 5, 2013

intuitive eating what to eatI just landed in Bangkok and am loving the warmth, lovely people, space and quiet as I write my next book.

But before I get into that I want to share an experience that I just had with me NOT practicing intuitive eating.

Just before I left for Thailand, I stayed in a hotel in NYC for a night. It was around the Korean district and I thought – I should really try eating Korean food, knowing very well that I had tried it before and had NOT enjoyed it. No offence to anyone – just personal preference.

So instead of listening to my intuition and eating what I really wanted – a pizza or a sandwich, I thought “you have to have Korean if you are staying in the disctrict”

Big mistake.

The food was barealy eateable, but I forced it down, just to “fit in” in a weird, screwed up way – not like anyone was watching.

I am still sick from it, my tongue is still some weird orange color and the hotel room smelled so bad I could barely sleep even after taking the leftovers out.

Bottom line. Listen to your intuition. Don’t try to be cool, to fit in with what others are doing, to ride the latest diet wave.
Listen to YOU. respect your intution. It is your one and only GPS and it will not fail you.

The mre you ignore it, the further away you will get from it’s signals.

So just for today, practice really feeeling what it is that you want to do, eat, explore… who you want to be with, what you want to be doing.

Listen to your intuition before it fades away and becomes a distant memory.

In this world of a million choices for everything and a billion different types of advice, it is the one thing that you can count on if you really listen to it, respect it and act on it.


Have you had a similar experience of not listening to your intuition and regretting it? Please share it with us!

Love and Freedom

Nina 🙂

Nina Vucetic

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