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How Long Does Eating Disorder Recovery Take?

by nina on December 12, 2010

how long eating disorder recoveryFor anyone who is feeling discouraged about their recovery progress, please remember that new habits take time to become ingrained into our life. It is easy to slip into the negative thinking that “this just isn’t working” – but that is not the case.

There is a great article on Zen Habits about 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior. While this may not specifically deal with eating disorder recovery, it provides some great tools that have a universal application.

I started my eating disorder recovery long before I actually felt like I was on the other side. The trick of the eating disorder is that it wants you to feel as though it is not working, your recovery is failing and you have no other options but to slip back into the disordered eating easy.

This is not true!

Every time you do one thing differently – whether it is:

  • Calling someone when you need to talk instead of eating
  • Write in your journal instead of binge eating
  • Get rid of your scales
  • Eat something that you actually enjoy
  • Reach out and ask for help in your recovery
  • Visualization exercises

You are changing! These small actions are actually huge and they give strength and power to your eating disorder recovery.

There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.

Cohen, Peter A.

I made my mantra “I am recovered from all eating disorders” – even when I didn’t quite feel that I was there. I kept repeating it nevertheless, so that my subconscious mind would start to accept it as being true.

Remember that our subconscious does not know the difference and that whatever it hears often enough, with deep conviction, becomes the reality.

What small actions can you take today to give power to your recovery?

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