Do I Only Eat Healthy Food As An Intuitive Eater?

by nina on April 2, 2013

healthy food and intuitive eatingThis week’s Q&A Tuesday is related to a comment that was made on my channel whether or not I only eat “healthy” food.

There is actually a term for this type of eating disorder and it is called orthorexia. generally people with this variation of an eating disorder suffer with preoccupation with eating clean, healthy and strictly controlled food.

And to answer the question straight up – No, I do not have orthorexia or any other variation of an eating disorder.

However I have experienced it before and at one point was convinced that I was addicted to sugar, flour and wheat – much like an addict is addicted to crack.

Turns out this was all absolutely not true – for me anyway. I can only ever speak from my own experience.

I have two important points to make about this.

First of all – I do not ever label food as healthy or unhealthy, good or bad.

Secondly – I eat absolutely everything and do not discriminate between food. The only factor that plays a part in my food choice is what I intuitively feel like eating that day.

That to me is true recovery and of freedom.

I had spent my whole life being directed by new diets, “perfect body” images, what I would and wouldn’t eat, what the latest celebrity trainer pronounced as the “right” way to eat and many other external influences. Way too many to name here, or to even remember.

I therefore was in no way able to live authentically and intuitively.

And as much as I tried to change, eliminate and erase the brainwashing, I was still robotically moving through life, eating what I was “supposed” to eat – until my inner urges fought back with vengeance.

I though that “recovery” meant doing all the right things, but in such a mechanical way that I was detached and devoid of my own intuition and inner guidance system.

The principles of intuitive eating and complete freedom had to filter down from my head into my heart and slowly crystallize as a real, authentic part of me.

I had to drop everything I thought I knew about healthy or unhealthy eating, portion sized, nutrition – all of the things that were externally imposed and did not come from within me.

Once I did, I could listen to something so beautiful, pure and profound that came from within.

:: So I urge you to stop. Listen. Cast away self doubt. Your body holds infinite wisdom.

I could trust myself again. I could take my power of choice back and I could be guided by my own intuition and inner guidance system.

That is something that nobody can ever take away from me – or you – when you embark on the journey to intuitive eating and learning to listen to your inner truth.

:: This is the process of not just becoming an intuitive eater, but an intuitive being.

:: This is where you find true freedom, peace and release from all human bondage.

Check out the latest Video on whether intuitive eating means consuming only healthy food and leave me a comment about where you are at when it comes to eating healthy/raw/clean and having the diet police running your life.

That’s it. No calorie counting, Carb free  diets, low fat, high fat, Atkins and whatever else they are pushing put there to fuel the $70 BILLION – YES, $70 BILLION – empire that has a 98% failure rate!!

Come on guys, let’s be done with this shit.


This is what I wish for you all

Love Nina

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Nina Vucetic

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Kerrie April 3, 2013 at 3:12 pm

This to me is exactly what being an intuitive eater and finding freedom with food is all about. Learning and trusting to eat the foods that we enjoy, without judgement or guilt. Feeling guilty over eating a certain food is often what drives us to overeat in the first place. We eat excess food to numb the guilt, this doesn’t happen when we are more relaxed about our food choices.

Also many of the foods that are considered “unhealthy” today are passing diet trends and people will look back at in years to come and laugh about. The “Gluten Free” trend, Lo Carb etc. A lot of this is dieting industry hype and we are living our lives by it! Sugar was once promoted to curb your appetite, and help you under eat.

I believe there is no “healthier” way to eat than intuitive eating, it allows you to nourish your body, your soul and your self-worth by eating the foods that you actually want.

Thanks for this post Nina and for reinstating what intuitive eating really is.


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