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Gratitude to My Eating Disorder and to MYSELF

by nina on November 24, 2011

thanks giving eating disorderHappy Thanksgiving to all of you who are in the U.S! I hope you are taking the time to really practice gratitude and appreciation for all the great things that you do have in your life.

You know I talk about gratitude a lot, and how the attitude of gratitude was a powerful tool for my eating disorder recovery, and is still something that I use today to keep my mind focused, positive and to manifest amazing things into my life, simply by appreciating what I already have.

Now a lot of people have asked me – why on earth would you be grateful for having had an eating disorder and all the pain it put you through??

Well here is my answer in this Giving Thanks to My Eating Disorder and Myself Video and Why I am Grateful To My Eating Disorder and Myself:

I am Grateful to my Eating Disorder:

  • It showed me that ANYTHING is possible
  • It taught me how to be of service to others
  • It taught me that persistence is the key
  • It taught me to never, ever give up on my dreams

And it has given me the ability to help all of you to achieve full and complete recovery!!

What has your eating disorder given you that you are grateful for?

If we can shift the focus from hating the eating disorder and all its symptoms and take the time to hear the lessons it brought into out lives, we can manifest a new experience of recovery and change our attitude so that we do get to a place of being completely free and recovered and take the power away from the eating disorder!

Do not fight the eating disorder. Let’s take the time to thank it and then I want you guys to do a little task for me (and yourselves) and then give yourself a break and enjoy your beautiful long weekend.

What do you appreciate about yourself?!

  • What has the eating disorder taught me?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges that I have overcome in the past that I never thought I could
  • What are some BIG achievements that I have made this year
  • What am I really proud of myself for?
  • What am I still working on and making amazing progress.

Just take 5 minutes to answer these questions, notice the shift in your thinking and have an awesome weekend!

With Love and Gratitude!


Nina Vucetic

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