Do You Believe that Full Eating Disorder Recovery Is Possible?

by nina on October 28, 2012

full eating disorder recovery is possibleDo You Believe that Full Eating Disorder Recovery Is Possible?


That question is a big game changer when it comes to your eating disorder recovery.

See here’s the thing. Whether you think you can or you can’t – you are always right.


Whatever you BELIEVE, your mind will accept as true and manifest into your reality.

 Now I was told for almost a decade that I simply could not achieve full recovery, that it was impossible, that the best I could get to was managing it.

That to me was NOT recovery or FREEDOM.

I assume that you may be stuck in a limiting belief that tells you the same thing – that complete recovery is just not possible.

Am I right? Do you have that nagging feeling.

If I have one mission in life it is to show you that this simply is not true, no matter how much that “expert” psychiatrist, doctor, clinic or anyone else has drilled that thought into your mind.

Watch the latest video that I just had to create in a hotel lobby to remind you that Complete Recovery Is Possible.

During my 10 year struggle, that is all that I wanted to hear ONE person say.

It is that flicker of hope that can sometimes make all of the difference.

My wish is that I can ignite that flicker of hope in you.


FULL and COMPLETE recovery IS possible.

Make this your mantra – no matter what.

Now I just have one action exercise for you.


Leave me a comment and tell me all of the reasons why complete recovery IS possible.

 Suspend all disbelief for just 20 minutes while you are writing this.
Challenge your brain to find new solutions, to have a beginners mind and to fight back against the eating disorder.


Love and service

Nina xo


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Nina Vucetic

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Cindy November 9, 2012 at 12:28 am

Complete recovery is possible, even inevitable because of the following:
-I can remember being free around food, and I know I can get there again
-I want my life to be about what I DO, not what I look like/weigh
-I am a determined, ambitious, hard-working person and I can make my dreams come true
-I am ready to stop playing it “safe”. I will work toward loving and living fully.
-Nina did it, others have done it, and so can I
-I am already feeling the power of the eating disorder weakening, and I am listening to my body more and more each day.
-I want to be me!


nina November 11, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Hi Cindy!

I am so glad to hear the positivity and strength in this vision.
The eating disorder is weakening every time you choose to ignore it, to focus on WHY you CAN recover and to remember that you were BORN without this eating disorder and you can get back to being an normal, intuitive eater.

Love Nina


Macie October 31, 2012 at 4:03 am

Because i have seen nina do it
because i have seen a friend of mine completely recover after she had a baby
because i want to believe it
because i was once someone who didnt have an eating disorder

Nina thank you for inspiring me to think in more positive ways!!

What you do is so special, you are a true angel and I am always thrilled to get your emails – especially the videos!

Macie G


nina November 11, 2012 at 1:28 pm

Fantastic stuff Macie!

I am so pleased you are inspired by the videos.
YES you can recover too!

Keep focusing on all the reasons why you CAN recovery – because it truly is possible.

Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve!



Sarah G October 28, 2012 at 6:46 pm

Why Complete Recovery IS Possible:
-Because I create my own reality
-Because I choose only high=level, loving thoughts that support my journey to recovery
-Because YOU, Nina, did it yourself
-Because the fleeting feelings of freedom and empowerment I experience with food and my body are visceral and real, so I MUST be able to experience them more often and perhaps forever
-Because believing that complete recover is impossible is just fear talking, and fear isn’t real, so that belief must be false
-Because my dreams, goals, and desires are getting louder, more powerful, and more persistent, so full recovery must be possible because my dreams, goals, and desires want to be actualized
-Because I really, REALLY want to live completely free of disordered food/body thoughts and behaviors, and if I want something THAT bad, I feel like it’s a real thing that I can achieve.


nina November 11, 2012 at 1:32 pm

I love this Sarah!
It is so filled up with positivity and the BIGGER version of you that the eating disorder tries to prevent you (and all of us from).

I love the statement “I choose only high-level, loving thoughts that support my journey to recovery” – that is such a POWERFUL statement!


Love Nina x


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