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by nina on March 22, 2011

Intuitive eating report

I realize that intuitive eating or normal eating is one of the biggest challenges for those suffering from an eating disorder. Our minds have become so warped by obsessive thinking about diets, weight loss and a complete preoccupation with food.

We also have so many deeply entrenched “food rules” and unhealthy eating patterns that can be difficult to shift overnight. We have been living with these rigid ideas and have come to accept them as fact. That is why when someone mentions intuitive eating it is like they are talking in another language and it is a terrifying and confusing concept.

We have come to believe over the years that our bodies cannot be trusted, that we must follow strict eating rules, that we should pretty much always be on some sort of diet and that there are two food groups – good and bad.

Those of us with eating disorders also have underlying trauma, lack of self care, inability to deal with emotions and anxiety issues that we have learned to deal with through food – whether It be under eating, overeating, obsession with exercise, preoccupation with diets or whatever form it can take.

I know that for me it presented itself in various forms and faces, sometimes appearing to be “healthy”, while for the most part it involved a lot of self destruction. But the main purpose of it was to distract me from the immediate pain that was going on and to not deal with life in a healthy, adult way.

There are many reasons why we turn to food and eating disorders, and they are different for everyone, I could go on with the list, but I am sure that you know what is true for you and if you have explored it at all you know the cause, or at least part of it.

The question now is what the solution is and how do we implement it successfully?

My story was that chronic dieting and restriction was the underlying theme throughout my 10 year battle. I just could not let go of the concept of not following a plan and perhaps eating what I wanted?? It seemed absurd.

But I did start to notice a pattern. Starve, binge, purge, start another strict eating plan, starve, binge, purge. In the end I just became a compulsive over eater without even compensating. I was too exhausted, but I still had the idea in the back of my mind that tomorrow I would start the diet/detox/eating plan that actually worked.

That day never came. I tried, failed again and became even more miserable and hopeless. What I did realize was that there were people that I knew who ate what they wanted, did not obsess, did not have any “off limits” food and maintained a natural, healthy weight. Perhaps you could call them intuitive eaters?

This is what I had always been searching for!

This is what I call freedom and complete recovery!

The Intuitive Eating process requires a few things:

  • Admittance of complete defeat over diets, food plans, restriction and the ability to control your eating disorder,
  • A simple willingness to try something new,
  • Patience with yourself and realizing that it is not an overnight process,
  • The willingness to learn to trust your body again,
  • And the desire to be completely free!

I realize how confusing these concepts are and I am inviting you to Download my FREE eBook – Becoming an Intuitive Eater – My Journey.

This will hopefully give you some insight and guidance on what the journey was like. The book includes:

  • Why diets don’t work
  • My intuitive eating journey in the first year
  • Learning what I do and don’t like to eat
  • My intuitive eating results 4 years later
  • What I ate and how I felt about it
  • The freedom that comes with intuitive eating!!

If you are interested, you can Download the EBook Immediately by signing up here:


P.S You can always email me any questions either through the contact form, My Facebook page (so others can benefit) or the eating disorders questions page.

To your recovery and freedom,


Nina Vucetic

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