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Happy Independence Day! Lets Celebrate with Becoming Free from Eating Disorders

by nina on July 4, 2011

freedom from eating disordersHappy Independence Day everyone!

What does independence mean? For me personally, it has meant being free from all of the compulsive and destructive behaviors around food and weight obsession that imprisoned me for a decade.

When I was living with my eating disorder, there was no room or capacity for me to have any form of independence or freedom. My whole life, thoughts, actions and being were ruled by the eating disorder and its destruction of my spirit.

Today, I am full of gratitude when I think of Independence Day – even though I am not an American. For me personally it represents the independence from the bondage to the disordered eating mentality and way of life.

How did I get to this independence? If you haven’t read my story, the brief version is that I went through every phase and manifestation of an eating disorder for over a decade. I struggled, tried every single different method to recover and it always ended in failure, disappointment and a worsening of the condition.

True liberation and independence came the day when I decided to let go of all external plans, programs, advice and instead to tap into my own intuitive wisdom around my eating.

I essentially embarked on a journey of intuitive eating, which has spilled over into the rest of my life and I consider myself a truly independent soul that relies on an internal guidance system in all areas of my life.

That is what independence means to me and becoming free from eating disorders was the cornerstone. It was the gateway to the freedom, joy and complete liberation that I have in my life today.

More than anything, I want to share this with all of you who are suffering, who are still stuck in that prison by have a vision of true liberation, independence and full recovery and freedom from all eating disorders.

I wrote and published my eBook, Recover From Eating Disorders, to help others attain this goal.

So as a gesture of gratitude to the universe for the manifestation of this miracle in my life, I am offering 30% off my eBook!

The Offer ends Thursday so get in quick!

The link to download can be found here… Recover From Eating Disorders Independence Day Promo

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Love, abundance and Independence!


Nina Vucetic

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Jan July 16, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Hi Nina, I have just recently found your site online, and it is like no other I have seen. You really seem to cover all the issues, that only someone who has had ED would know. Just a question: I have suffered with an ED for about 5 years and would say I am in recovery and slowly winning against the ED. I started with dieting, then severe restriction (anorexia) and then binging and starving. I am now learning to eat intuitively and finally taking the guilt away from what i eat and eating what and when I want. I have also found my body is coming to it’s ‘natural weight’. However, have found that I still use food and binge when feel anxious or just for certain issues. Was wondering whether you had the experience of the ED thoughts slowing leaving, but the behaviour still happening (ie binges)? Any advice to stop these binges would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for your site.


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