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Overcoming Food Obsession For Eating Disorder Recovery

by nina on November 15, 2011

food obsessionDo you find yourself completely obsessed with food no matter how hard you try to recovery from your eating disorder?

Do thoughts of food, weight and what you will or will not eat dominate your mind and life?

You are not alone. Today we have a Q+A Exactly on that topic.

The Food and Weight Obsession comes from Lisa:


I bought your e-book about 3 weeks ago and after reading it through
and doing the visualization/affirmation exercises I feel like I
immediately recovered and it was amazing, I basically became a normal
eater the next day! However, I started to notice that I was losing a
lot of weight and although this made me really happy, I think I
started freaking out that I would gain the weight back and so I
started to not trust my body again. I’m not sure but now I feel like
I’m back into worrying/obsessing about my weight and food and I
definitely feel like I’ve gained the weight back. I know the solution
is to stop thinking about my weight but I’m having trouble keeping the
focus off of that every time I look into the mirror. Do you have any
tips or suggestions on how you were able to keep your focus off of
your weight?


Now, food obsession was something that I definitely struggled with at the beginning of my recovery. As time went on I realized the importance of identifying the triggers to the food obsession – and most importantly, how to avoid them.

This Video Overcoming Food and Weight Obsession gives you insight into how to deal with that chronic obsession, the HOPE that it passes and that what you are going through is completely normal and CAN be overcome.

Hint: Watch at 3 mins about the Food Obsession Danger Zones that even I found myself in after having several years of recovery!

Do you find yourself doing these things as well and fueling the eating disorder?

I also share with you exactly what I focus on when I even consider for a second going back to the eating disorder behaviors or any quick weight loss tips, tricks and strategies…

We all know what this leads to – and I give you a strategy that acts as a red flag whenever you find yourself considering this behavior and banishing those thoughts.

Also watch for the important tip at 4 mins about how to achiever faster and easier recovery – using this one simple mindset shift.

I discuss mindset shifts and reprogramming your mind for complete recovery extensively in my Recover from Eating Disorders EBook – something that has been the absolute core to my complete recovery for the last 6 years.

I want to share it all with you because it is my personal mission to help as many people as I can to experience the freedom of full recovery.

Love and Complete Recovery,


P.S Share your experience with dealing with food obsession and what you do when you are triggered to obsess about food and weight

Nina Vucetic

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