Every Small Action Counts

by nina on March 31, 2013

small actions for recoveryWhen I was in the hell of an eating disorder I literally tried EVERY possible thing to recover.

I went to therapists that ranged from specialists in eating disorder recovery, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavior therapy to highly expensive psychiatrists, organized groups, rehab centers, nutritionists, spiritual healers, monks, and much more.

Did any of it help?

Yes and no.

Looking back I was always frustrated that whatever new “thing” I was trying to apply to my eating disorder recovery just did not seem to stick.

But now in hindsight I can see how every small action that I took gave me an additional bit of knowledge, an insight into myself, finding out what does NOT work so I can stop wasting my time and finally getting to a place where I had enough faith and trust in myself to do it my way.

Doing it my way meant letting go of everyone else’s approach and becoming an intuitive eater and an intuitive BEING.

This means that I learned to trust my decisions not only around food but everything else in my life.

It meant that I stopped looking outside for answers and realized that I knew the truth – that it is and always was within me – I just didn’t have enough confidence or belief in myself to listen to it.

I thought that everyone else had the answers and that my job was to find them.

But the truth is that the answers are only ever within yourself and what works for one person may not work for another.

I now know what does and does not work for me and I stand behind that no matter what. I also know that every single one of those small actions that I took brought me closer and closer to my full recovery.

I made a lot of mistakes when I first started intuitive eating, but I refused to see them as “mistakes” and simply saw them as progress and each small action brought me closer and closer to becoming a normal, intuitive eater.

I learned over time what does and doesn’t work – through trial and error. What triggers me, what creates and obsession in my mind, what keeps me in the old diet mentality and how to get out, how to truly listen to my body and let my intuition guide the way.

Now It is a way of life that comes easily and effortlessly, but I am grateful for each one of those positive small actions that I tool – even when they didn’t “appear” to work, because I know that without them I would be where I am today – an intuitive eater and completely recovered from all eating disorders.

So I want to remind you that there is ALWAYS a small, positive action you can take, there is always the next right action that will bring you closer to recovery, self love and freedom.

Sometimes that action can be as small as picking up the phone and talking to someone about what is going on, sharing honestly about where you are at, getting out of your comfort zone and taking that yoga class that you always wanted to go to.

Everything is progress, and change can happen in an instant. Never stop believing that anything is possible and that you can recover completely and live with freedom

My Recover From Eating Disorders E Book and the 30 Day Recovery Program are all about getting in touch with that inner knowledge and guidance system that is already within you, and accessing it to be completely free and live your life as an intuitive eater and human being, fully trusting yourself and your inner wisdom.

Love Nina

Nina Vucetic

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