Eliminating Eating Disorder Triggers

by nina on January 18, 2013


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Do you find yourself doing well on your path to eating disorder recovery and then all of a sudden being triggered – sometimes without realizing how or why – and ending up relapsing or having a slip?

It is important to identify and acknowledge your eating disorder triggers as early on in recovery as possible, so that you are equipped to deal with triggering situations, circumstances and other self identified triggers.

Here we look at the common eating disorder triggers, label and identify them and then create an action plan to deal with them effectively as they arise.

What are my eating disorder triggers?

Some examples include:

Diet magazines
Other people talking about weight loss
Excessive Exercise
Counting Calories
Difficult home environment
Not expressing emotions
Dieting and pseudo dieting


Now your turn – what are some of your eating disorder triggers?


  1. From experience what is it that leads to a relapse in my recovery?


  1. Can I see how these behaviors/thoughts/actions/people/situations are my eating disorder triggers? List them and describe…


  1. What actions can I take when I find myself triggered or about to get into a triggering situation?


Here are some examples. Add to this list with particular strategies that you know work for you.

Call someone

Take a long walk

Listen to uplifting music and dance

Write out positive affirmations

Do something creative

Write a letter to a friend telling them how you are feeling

Journal about your emotions

Get out of the triggering environment

Watch positive and inspirational videos

Write out a Vision Statement of what Your Ideal Recovery looks like

Go to a support group where you can talk about your feelings

Take time to declutter your home and environment

Treat yourself to something special like flowers, a manicure or a beautiful scented candle


Now your turn!

Add to this list – add things that work for you and keep adding new ones that you think of. This can act as your “go to” emergency toolkit


Love & Freedom


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Nina Vucetic

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