Eliminate Eating Disorder Thoughts and Recreate Your Life

by nina on December 8, 2012

stop eating disorder thoughts When you are in the midst of an eating disorder and trying to change your behavior to eat intuitively and let go of the old ways of thinking and acting, one of the biggest challenges are the constant, nagging, negative thoughts that can become obsessive and seem to be impossible to eliminate.

But there is a way to eliminate the eating disorder thoughts which are just ego attacks and attempts to sabotage your recovery and joy.

In the latest video on Eliminating Eating Disorder Thoughts I take you through a simple process that you can do at any time to create a shift in your thoughts, empower yourself with new, positive thoughts and reprogram your mind for an amazing life!

This works if you take ACTION and work it… the change will be directly proportional to the amount of willingness and action that you take.

Believe me, I know that when you are in the midst of this insanity and pain, it feels like the last thing that you want to do and it may seem impossible and like a waste of time. However, I continue to practice these exercises in different areas of my life and I always get IMMEDIATE results that are pure miracles.

Your soul wants you to recover, to be free, to be happy, to do all of the things that the eating disorder is preventing you from doing. But it takes effort on your part to step up, do the work and allow those miracles and shifts in consciousness and thinking to occur.

While I was trying to recover over 7 years ago, I learned every possible strategy for creating mindset shifts, recreating reality and using the power of thought together with meditation to allow this to occur.

I have detailed and outlined many of these exercises in my Eating Disorder Recovery Program and my first Recover From Eating Disorders E Book was driven by what I had used and applied to create new beliefs and to recover completely.

Let me know if you experience these insane ego attack thoughts and whether these exercises help you to deal with them…

Love and Healing,

Nina 🙂

Nina Vucetic

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pegy December 10, 2012 at 5:22 pm

One of the most inspiring videos that you ve made. I litteraly rote the steps and the way you explein them in two papers, and i carry it always with me. i want so much to be free, and knowing that someone elso has accomplish gives my hope.
thank you thank you thank you!


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