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Eating Disorders and Depression

by nina on October 26, 2010

eating disorder depressionOne of the most awful things about an eating disorder is the soul destroying depression and sadness that it brings. Sometimes it can be so powerful that it destroys any motivation or desire to get well. The depression seems to work with the eating disorder to keep you stuck.

What I experienced was a deep depression that was sometimes interspersed with periods of anxiety, restlessness and speedy behavior. This was usually around the time that I was binge eating, or sometimes it would just be when I was hopeful about getting well.

Eating disorders and depression do seem to go hand in hand. The disorder consumes so much of your natural energy, positivity and optimism. It is a dark, negative force that drains you of life.

It is sometimes even difficult to distinguish between the eating disorder and the depression. It seems that one fuels the other, and it is hard to tell which one is running the show.

From my experience, as soon as the eating disorder lifted, the depression was eliminated. If it did come back, it was situational, and never that hopeless feeling and separation from humanity.

Getting help for the eating disorder is crucial. Getting into the solution, eliminating eating disorder behavior and thoughts is the first step on the challenge and significantly uplifts the depressive state.

Once you have some recovery, this positive growth gives you the energy and motivation to keep going and then to possibly treat some of the underlying issues. But without eating disorder recovery it is almost impossible to treat the underlying causes and conditions of the depression.

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Nina Vucetic

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