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Eating Disorder Treatment and Isolation

by nina on April 4, 2012

isolation and eating disorder recoveryOne of the major ways that the eating disorder operates is to get you in isolation. This is where it can get to you and warp your thinking, especially if you are not talking about your issues or getting support.

Today’s question about isolation and eating disorder recovery comes from Mary and I believe it is one of the biggest eating disorder triggers.

Watch the video for some action exercises that you can do immediately to take responsibility for your recovery and prevent the eating disorder from cornering you and making you vulnerable.

Remember, this is your recovery and you need to take consistent, positive action against the eating disorder.

Whatever is brought to the light slowly vanishes, so do not be afraid of bringing your eating disorder to the light. It is time to let go of the shame and embrace the possibility of full and complete recovery.

As always, I would love to hear your experience with eating disorder recovery and isolation, how you deal with it, whether it affects you and you can also post you “Action Exercise” answers in the comments below.

Remember that each one of your comments and questions can really help another person who is going through the same thing and take the shame and guilt out of the eating disorder.

Looking forward to you comments and questions!

I go into the importance of staying out of isolation and how to truly be a normal eater in my E Book Recover From Eating Disorders as well as other major topics that helped me heal and maintain a solid recovery for the last 7 years.


With Love and Service


Nina Vucetic

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