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Eating Disorder Recovery – Complete Recovery is Possible

by nina on October 24, 2010

eating disorder recoveryAfter suffering with various manifestations of an eating disorder for a decade I am now completely recovered and I firmly believe that FULL recovery is possible. I have not had the need or desire to binge, purge, starve or diet for a few years and am completely recovered.

I also no longer have:

  • any obsession around food,
  • do not restrict any food type and
  • maintain the same weight constantly. My weight does not fluctuate at all.

I believe that this sort of recovery is possible for everyone; it just takes a shift in our thinking and beliefs.

I had all the different eating disorders manifest at different times in my life – beginning with anorexia, then moving on to extreme exercise addiction, bulimia and ending with uncontrollable binge eating.

My disorder got so bad that I lost a great job, ended an engagement and had to drop out of a college course. I felt that my life was over many times and that I would never be able to fully recover.

I tried many different paths to get well – therapy, eating disorder groups, 12 step recovery, clinics and natural therapies. But nothing ever gave me complete recovery, because I always remained completely obsessed.

In the end I knew that in order to have complete recovery, I would need to give up all control over food and my weight. I would need to let go of all of the behaviors that perpetuate the disorder, and that is exactly what I did.

Giving up the eating disorder behavior and behaving like a normal person would around food is scary and unfamiliar at first. Eating normal food and not keeping tabs of calorie count is terrifying. It is all a process of learning to trust yourself and your body.

The rewards of having freedom are without a doubt unparallel to the fake control that the eating disorder gives. I now do what I want, when I want and am not a slave to food, weight control or exercise.

I want everyone to know that complete eating disorder recovery IS possible. I have done it after spending numerous years sick, housebound, friendless and depressed.

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Nina Vucetic

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sandra oneill June 19, 2011 at 5:23 am

hi i have been suffering binge eating for thirty odd years .i am 51 what can i do to recover . i am desperate.i need somewhere to go to get help


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