New Recovery Q&A Super Session

by nina on April 7, 2013

new eating disorder recovery questionsToday we have another Eating Disorder Recovery Q&A Super Session!

Your questions keep coming and are awesome! Thank you all for posting and helping to share your recovery, challenges and questions with the rest of the community!

Check out the latest video right here – Recovery Q&A Session where I cover some of your biggest questions on topics such as:

  • How long it takes to become an intuitive eater
  • The types of food that I would eat when beginning my intuitive eating recovery
  • Taking the focus off food and weigh
  • How to stay motivated in your recovery
  • Recognizing the eating disorder voice and taking opposite action…


Don’t forget to leave any comments, questions and share this with anyone who you think it may help!

To get the full e book on how I became an intuitive eater and achieved┬ácomplete┬árecovery – download the Recover From Eating Disorders E Book.

To your complete freedom and recovery!


Nina Vucetic

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