“Are You Ready To Ready to End Your Torture of Living with an Eating Disorder and Find Complete Recovery?”

Here are the Programs and Products currently available.

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eating disorder recovery online program

This is the BIGGEST product and most content packed program I have released to date!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Over 20 Videos dealing with Binge Eating, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating, Anorexia and a whole lot more!
  • Specific strategies to achieve FULL recovery and live with complete Freedom from all eating disorders
  • Downloadable Transcripts, Audio and PDF Worksheets for Each Module
  • ACTION ASSIGNMENTS after each module to keep you accountable in reaching your goals
  • How to change your thoughts that are preventing you from reaching full recovery and stop negative thinking cycles dead in their tracks.
  • Meditations that you can download and take anywhere, to keep you calm and equipped to deal with compulsive urges
  • Affirmations to print out and post where you can see them, so your mind is filled with success and positivity
  • How to effortlessly replace self-defeating limiting beliefs with new, healthy ones that you can apply to ANY situation
  • 2 Bonus E books – Top 20 Questions and Becoming an Intuitive Eater

… And a whole lot more!

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recover from eating disorders ebook















In the Recover From Eating Disorders eBook you’ll  learn:

  • How to reclaim a natural way of eating… And why there is no such thing as “Perfect Eating”
  • The EXACT steps that I took to become a NORMAL eater… and still am 7 years later!
  • The mistakes that I made so that you don’t have to!
  • CONQUER the self-defeating thoughts that have been sabotaging your own weight loss success
  • Why FOOD does not make you fat – it is the obsession – and how to END it once and for all
  • The more you do this ONE thing, the QUICKER you will get results!
  • That you DO have the power to CHANGE – with some miraculous stories of people who achieved amazing results against the odds
  • Hot to reprogram your subconscious mind – It is essential to engage the sub-conscious mind, as the most potent force, in the process of recovering from an eating disorder
  • How to REMOVE the destructive, limiting beliefs – with proven, scientific evidence on how to CRUSH them
  • Learn how to RECOGNIZE and RESPOND to REAL hunger
  • Why you don’t need to spend hours of time and THOUSANDS in therapy to understand what caused it, you just need to APPLY the solution presented in this eBook.
  • The ONE thing that will sabotage your recovery and how to avoid it
  • How to live free of the mental obsession and “Good” vs. “Bad” thinking about food.
  • How to become a normal, intuitive eater in a few SIMPLE steps
  • A little known technique that will not only help recover from an eating disorder, but will also improve every other area of your life
  • A step by step blueprint on what to do if you think you are failing
  • Guides, recipes and Intuitive Eating Ideas!

And a whole lot more!

Download the FULL Recover From Eating Disorders E Book Right Here for Instant Viewing!



Private Coaching is Available on Demand.

Note that there is a wait list at the moment. It will reopen in March 2013.